Mechanical Vibrations

Author(s) Singiresu S. Rao
Publisher Prentice Hall
Date 2010
Pages 110
Format pdf
Size 38 Mb







A good and comprehensive text - the author included introductory as well as intermediate and advanced materials which would definitely be appropriate for both students and seniors of mechanical engineering. It is covering all topics relating to the mechanical vibration, presented in quite simple and reader-friendly manner.

The list of the topics addressed in this book includes the very fundamentals of vibration, free vibration of the systems with single degree of freedom, vibration that is excited harmonically and the one under general forcing conditions, systems with two- or more freedom degrees, determination of the natural frequencies plus mode shapes, vibration control, it's measurement and applications, continuous systems, various numerical integration methods and their application to the vibration analysis; FEM (Finite element method), mathematical relationships and material properties, deflection of beams and plates, matrices, Laplace transform; it also provides some introduction to MATLAB program.

The author's aim was to prepare a book that would serve as an intro to the mechanical vibration and, looking at the tremendous number of favorable reactions by the students, professionals and all other interested parties, we may say that he definitely did succeed. This latest edition of the volume retains the style of the previous release but the material contained has been significantly re-worked.

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