Medieval Naval Warfare 1000-1500

Author(s) Susan Rose
Publisher Routledge
Date 2001
Pages 176
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







Another publication covering the naval warfare of the past times. All readers with the interest in the history will find the answers to the most common questions, they will get to know hot the medieval navies were organized and how the rulers used them. The publication gives readers a real wealth of relevant information addressing both tactics and strategy of the fleets of those times and also the extent to which people managed to understand, explore and exploit the possibilities of sea.

The present interesting and fascinating account was prepared to bring to life all difficulties and dangers of the seafaring of medieval times. Particularly, the author of the book reveals the exploits of France, England and Italian city states, examining why there the naval battles took place, and how they were fought. The readers will find the information about the logistical back up required to maintain a navy fleet and the battles from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

The book is really excellent taking into account the quality and depth of the performed analysis and coverage of the documents, it is considered a good reading companion for every naval historian and maritime archaeologist. A book is full of very illustrative examples showing how the warships were deployed and depicting the uses and limitations of the sea power of medieval period.

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