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This episode of the world popular and famous Mighty Ships series is devoted to the MV Becrux, often called a Noah's Ark of today. This huge and technically sophisticated livestock carrier was specifically designed for the transportation of the most important export of Australia. Watch this interesting video film and join MV Becrux in her mission of delivering sixteen thousand cattle and twelve-million cargo to Indonesia.

This mission required about three tons of feed for the cattle and hundred thousand gallons of water for the cattle every day. In addition, a perfectly working high-power ventilation shall be provided. Among the factors making the mission even more difficult there are tightest deadline and heavy traffic accompanied with the pirates activity in the area. The vessel was delivered in Croatia in 2002 for the Siba Ships conglomerate.

It shall be noted that today here is no other ship that could boast the facilities that are readily available on MV Becrux. The launching of the vessel helped to revolutionize the whole industry of the livestock carriers with significantly improved and advanced reinforcements in order to meet the constantly increasing demands of the industry.

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