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She is carrying the load of enormous size making something truly extraordinary. The heavy-lift vessel Hawk is taking the huge cargo half way around the world. Through stormy seas, there will be challenges at every turn. We start with the Singapore deservedly treated as the nerve center for international shipping industry and one of the busiest freighter ports in the world – a new ship enters or exits every two minutes.

So, the Hawk, which is one of the most powerful heavy lift vessels in the world, has to be carefully maneuvered through the shipping traffic. At 223 meters long, fifty-five meters wide the Hawk can move massive cargoes exceeding fifty-five thousand tons. But it is the loading method that makes this vessel stand out as in fact the Hawk is the semi-submersible.

This video will be appreciated by all people interested in the modern shipping industry and particularly with marine transportation of the heavy cargoes, such as the oil rigs. Such transportation will require perfect technical condition of the vessel and of course it will require all crew members be duly prepared and ready to act at any time. Have a look and we promise you will not be disappointed, this one is really amazing.

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