Mighty Ships - USS Nimitz

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She is the mightiest super-carrier of them all. USS Nimitz is a floating airbase – a large pad for the seventy-five aircrafts. The simplest mistake of any crew member can result in a catastrophe. USS Nimitz is preparing for the action and the Navy needs to be sure that she is ready for that. She is deservedly referred to as the deadliest warship in the whole world. Her weapon is the set of seventy-five Super Sonic Jets.

Note that we have another film about USS Nimitz waiting for you to watch it. The ship was originally commissioned in 1975 and was the first of ten Nimitz-class super carriers. Commanding Nimitz is a dream that come true for a twenty-eight-year Navy veteran… Just watch this video and you will get to know so much more about this remarkable navy vessel. The film will be of equally great value for the people with deep interest in the Navy fleet and for the shipbuilders and any other people who like sea and ships.

The construction of the vessel is explained in detail together with the various technical features. This ship definitely deserved one hour of your time. Just imagine – the huge ship with a height of a twenty-four-floor building, the area of the main deck exceeding four and a half acres, and a hangar base underneath has a volume more than the ten thousand cubic meters.

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