MK IV Artemis Installation and Operation Manual

Author(s) CHL Netherlands B. V.
Publisher CHL Netherlands B. V.
Date 1996
Pages 226
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







The system utilizes low power solid state microwave oscillators operating in the 9 GHz band, providing a max range of 30000 m with line of sight. The minimum range is as low as 10 metres. It comprises two identical, user-configurable stations. One station is configured as FIX station, to be set up on a known, fixed location; the other station is configured as MOBILE (MOB) station and is installed on the ship of which the position is to be fixed.

Each station consists of an ABS, standing for the Artemis Basic Unit, on top of which a radar-like tracking antenna is mounted, and either a BOP, i.e. Basic Operating Panel or an EOP, i.e. Extended Operating Panel. The BOP is a hand-held size unit and is intended for use with the FIX station. It needs only to be connected to the FIX station's ABU to enter specific station set-up data (e.g., reference azimuth). Once the station is set up it can be disconnected. The EOP is intended for use with the MOBILE station. Functionally it is identical to the BOP, but it facilitates connection of a variety of peripheral equipment. The ABU design reflects the use of a microprocessor to make a large number of powerful features available to the user, yet making the system very friendly to operate.

Among the features are: full remote control and monitoring of the counter station (once operational), position data (including heading) available at both stations, selectable microwave frequency pairs and an auxiliary full duplex data channel.

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