Modern Navigation

Author(s) Frank Seymour Hastings
Publisher D. Appleton & Company
Date 1918
Pages 108
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This is quite a specific and rare publication. The Modern Navigation textbook was written by one of the prominent experts in the field of marine navigation, Commodore Hastings. The exigencies of the World War disclosed a demarcation line between the methods of marine navigation used in the merchant and navy fleets.

The commanders of the navy vessels used to apply the Sumner, or St. Hilaire methods; however, the captains of the merchant fleet ships preferred to use the time sights. The content of the present publication mainly deals with the Sumner and St. Hilaire methods and reflects the theoretical knowledge and great practical experience of the author which he wanted to transfer to the students of marine navigation. The book starts with the examples in latitude, time sight and dead reckoning.

Then, there are two big sections dealing with each of the above mentioned methods. The book will be useful to the people with the deep interest in underlying concepts and fundamentals of the marine navigation as it contains the information that is quite difficult to find in the similar publications. Have a look into this book and you will get to know something new and interesting about the real marine navigation.

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