Motor Control Fundamentals

Author(s) Steve Senty
Publisher Delmar
Date 2013
Pages 210
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







The word "motors" used in the title of the present book, is representing a diverse and quite complicated topic. Nowadays, there are so many different motor types, and numerous methods exist to convert the electrical energy into the rotating mechanical one through the electromagnetism. The main focus has been made on the understanding of the theory of the single- and three-phase induction motors, commonly used control circuit schemes, reading and proper interpretation as well as documenting of the associated control circuit diagrams.

Steve Senty, who is the author of the volume, has also tried to provide readers with the practice circuits used for the connection of the actual circuit components from the ladder diagrams. Since the single- and three-phase induction motors constitute the vast majority of the motors encountered by the construction engineers in the field, the author has decided to focus on them; in addition, the content has been confined to the basic one required for the beginners to understand the motors and controls plus to build the strong technical knowledge basis.

The list of topics covered in the book includes the theory of the electromagnetic induction, overview of the motors, magnetic relays, overload units, contactors, motor starters and starter circuits, two- and three-wire motor control, VFD principles, nameplates and others.

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