Naval Issues - Background and Operations

Author(s) Anthony D. Eanuzzi
Publisher Nova Science Pub Inc
Date 2011
Pages 145
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







A Navy, sometimes referred to as a maritime force, is one of the most important branches of any armed forces that is mainly designated for the naval warfare plus amphibious warfare and their related functions, including any operations commonly conducted by the vessels and submarines, together with the seaborne aviation.

The present publication contains the discussions on the most important issues related to the United States Navy, covering the associated warfare plus counter-terrorism operations, ship construction plans and structure of the Navy, etc. The first chapter is dedicated to such the important aspects as the planned size of the US Navy and the rate of ship procurements plus prospective affordability of the ship construction plans of the Navy.

The second chapter tells about the Navy ship names while the next one is dedicated to the aircraft carrier program on the United States Navy, particularly first three nuclear-powered vessels, namely CVN-78/79/80. Four remaining chapters of this interesting volume are dealing with the procurement of the SSN-774 Virginia class submarine, new cruiser and modernization of the destroyer, DOD leases of the ships build abroad, irregular warfare etc. The information contained in the book will be interesting to all enthusiasts of the naval warfare and will also be of some interest even for the experienced specialists.

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