Naval Shiphandling

Author(s) Russell Sydnor Crenshaw
Publisher Airlife Publishing Ltd.
Date 1974
Pages 579
Format pdf
Size 23 Mb







The present book has been treated as one of the most valuable references on shiphandling since the time when the first edition had been released; this fourth edition reflects all changes that took place since then. The author covers the major shiphandling principles together with their application to the particular problems. The essentials of shiphandling have been presented in a very clear way.

It is a perfect guidebook for all maritime professionals and future mariners. Among the topics addressed by the author there are the forces that act on the vessel, replenishment at sea, maintaining the engines, maneuvering and many others. Of course, no book can replace the practical experience, but this book will provide you with everything you need to know to handle the navy vessel safely.

Considering the attention paid to the details, we would also recommend this volume to those handling huge commercial ships and willing to brush their professional skills. All of the navy ship types have been covered including but not limited to the destroyers, small and large combatants, submarines, and ocean escorts. the author’s style of presenting the material made the publication easily accessible even for the people with little to no maritime background.

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