Offshore Electrical Engineering Manual

Author(s) Geoff MacAngus-Gerrard
Publisher Gulf Professional Publishing
Date 2017
Pages 517
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







Here is the second edition of one of the most useful publications for the electrical engineers engaged in the offshore industry. It has already proved to be an invaluable reference and training source for the engineers involved in the projects demanding in-depth knowledge and understanding of all equipment as well as the power installations and distribution systems.

The volume starts with the information on the different insulation types, temperatures and machine ratings, together with the associated measurements. This part is then followed by the generators and AVRs, transformers, electronic systems etc. the idea of the volume is to be highly practical and provide readers with the immediate benefits. Most of the electrical systems dealt with in the volume are 24V DC.

The publication gives all necessary info on the batteries and chargers used for starting engines, and other equipment common on board offshore installations. The book is full of the informative data tables and charts, so you may be sure that it will be equally interesting to the professionals and general readers. The operation and maintenance of the electrical systems and components has been explained together with the demonstration of the repairs and modification of the various instruments. Particular attention has been paid to compliance with the relevant regulations, rules and technical specification.

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