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Here is an extremely interesting and informative video animation prepared to tell all interested people about the drilling vessel Chikyu which is the first science vessel in the world to be equipped with the riser equipment. The vessel is actually capable of drilling at incredible depths of the sea, i.e. deeper that any other science drilling vessel of today.

The vessel has participate in several international research and discovery programs. Moreover, the vessel took part in the famous scientific investigations carried out of the Nankai Trough, subject activities were connected with the seismic researches.

The animation will demonstrate you all features of this amazing vessel. It will also be interesting to the people who want to know more about the offshore drilling industry in general.

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As we all know, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was originally stationed in the Mexican Gulf, namely on the Macondo well. Nearly all rig crew members were finishing their work on a deep water exploratory well, when a series of events combinated in a blowout of the well. The explosions followed by fire on the rig, the tragic loss of eleven lives, and number of very serious injuries, and, after all, one of the largest oil spills ever seen...

This video is dedicated to that world famous disaster and to the investigation which was undertaken with the ultimate goal to find out the reasons of the catastrophe, analyze them and make all effort to prevent such tragic disasters in the future. Have a look and get the clear picture of why the safety precautions shall always be taken and what potential consequences this may have.

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The authors of this short training video are inviting you to have a look at the largest jack-up offshore unit in the world. This video is intended to guide the interested persons to explore this gigantic structure. Of course and first of all this video will be of great interest to the people directly engaged in offshore engineering and various activities.

They will be able to compare the offshore units they work on with this fantastic unit. Though the film is very short, the authors have presented the material in a very concentrated manner and it means that every single second of it will be interesting.

It will be interesting not only to the offshore industry professionals but also to the other people who like engineering structures and want to know how they are constructed and how they operate.

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Hello and welcome on board the Maersk high efficiency self-elevating offshore drilling unit (so-called jack-up rig). Four identical units have been delivered and handed over to Maersk Drilling within the period from 2008 to 2009 from the world famous and respected Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore.

In a design of the rigs, particular attention was paid by to the significantly increased efficiency and logistics, and to create a safe working environment. The rigs can operate year around at depths of the water up to 350 feet.

This video will demonstrate the construction of this highly efficient and technically sophisticated drilling rig, show the main arrangements on board; the content is also covering the jacking system allowing to raise or lower the working hull of the rig, and to the drilling package. An excellent video for the people with real interest in the offshore exploration activities.

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Here is one more short video animation devoted to the offshore self-elevating drilling units used for the exploration of hydrocarbons offshore. This video is best when supplemented with another animation we have on same topic. However, this one is mainly focusing on the actual operation of the rig not touching its construction and features.

They both will demonstrate the whole process of jack-up rig animation, including jacking the rig barge up and down, which is actually the main thing distinguishing these rigs from the offshore rigs of all other types, such as bottom-supported or semi-submersible mobile offshore units.

Very good ones to show to the people who have never been engaged in any offshore activities and make them interested.

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A new video lesson showing the basics of the running and landing of the BOPs offshore. This twenty-minute video film will be very helpful to the specialists working offshore and engaged in the above stated operations. Generally, the blowout preventer is huge valve that is installed in stacks in order to seal, monitor and control oil or gas wells.

They are designed and constructed to be able to cope with the extreme pressures and formation kicks that emanate from a well reservoir in the course of the drilling operations. BOPs are extremely important for the safe drilling so the drilling team members are all required to have a clear understanding of all operations with the subject equipment.

Apart from the offshore professionals, this video should also serve as the informative source of supplementary training for the students and trainees who have already received some theoretical training in blowout preventing equipment and its installation on the rigs, and are willing to improve their skills.

The content will actually be interesting even to the broad auditory since it describes quite the critically important and technologically sophisticated piece of equipment on board any offshore drilling installation.

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This video is devoted to the largest rig in the world - her name is Perdido and she was built somewhere in the Mexican Gulf. You will be able to witness how the prominent engineers were building this genuine technological masterpiece. Just imagine, more than forty-five thousand tons of steel were transformed into the most advanced oil rig on the planet - a true giant in the extreme world of offshore engineering.

End of August 2008 - today is the big day for the constructors of Perdido. They are moving the bottom half of their offshore oil rig from her construction dry dock in Texas out into the ocean. More than eighteen thousand tons of metal will travel for three hundred kilometers into the Mexican Gulf. Here it will form the base for the state-of-the-art floating installation that will tap into three newly discovered oil fields. Perdido is expected to produce enough oil every day to fill up the 150000 cars with petrol. Needless to say that this is a must-watch for any offshore person and in fact everyone.

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This file is intended to describe in detail the whole process of the installation of mooring system and SSDU, i.e. semi-submersible drilling unit. Its content is expected to be practical to the offshore workers engaged in subject operations. Here is an excerpt from the information contained at the slides...

Mooring system installation procedure - Anchor and pendant buoys stored on board MPSV1 and MPSV2. Mooring line arrangement. The MPSV1 is pulling the wire to put on the stopper. MPSV1 release the chain and connecting to the wire. The MPSV2 is pulling the chain to put on the stopper connecting the wire to the anchor. release the chain and connecting to the anchor.

The anchor is pulled to the stern. The anchor is lowered to the seabed. The MPSV's is pulling the anchor to just above the sea-bed target position. Landing of the anchor at the e-bed target position. MPSV2 is releasing the tension in pendant wire and connecting the pendant buoy. ..

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