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A nice popular video film prepared and released by a world leading oil company. When your job is drilling for oil, you deal with the numerous kinds of systems, and you are rarely in one place for long. Every time you move to a new location, you take your drilling equipment with you.

There are hundreds tons of machinery and thousands horse power to drive it. The whole process of shutting it all and moving it may take from few days to a couple of weeks…. The video will be interesting to any person from the oil exploration and production industry as it guides you through all steps of the process from preparation to completion. This is a true classics coming in black-and-white. The way in which the information is presented will make the film easy watching even to the people far outside the industry.

Do not consider this video as a training instrument; we would rather treat it as an excellent introduction to the world of oil exploration, drilling and production world and all people who watch the film will definitely find the answers to most of the questions they had. The movie does not deal with the contemporary drilling techniques or any modern equipment involved; it is mainly covering the very fundamentals of the processes.

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Nowadays, the oil exploration is being driven to the harshest corners of the planet. With the latest generation of offshore rig no reserves of oil and gas are beyond reach. This is the most extreme drilling rig in the world - the Erik Raude - it can drill for oil in the deepest water and roughest weather on the seven seas. The exploration of oil and gas has moved from land to sea.

The oil industry has developed massive drilling platforms, oil rigs, to stand on the ocean floor and drill beneath the seabed. Until now, offshore rigs have been restricted to shallow water limited by the length of their legs, but the new generation of rigs do not stand on the seabed - they float. The latest and greatest of these floating rigs is the Erik Raude capable of drilling not just in deep water but in ultra-deep water.

The Erik Raude is named after Erik the Red, a fearless Norwegian explorer who discovered Iceland. In a few days this mechanical explorer will begin its first voyage of discovery. Its mission is to search oil where no one has dared to search before. Erik is a self-contained floating city connected to the outside world only by boat and helicopter. Everything on board is designed around the massive drill in the centre - the derrick...

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This video is devoted to the largest rig in the world - her name is Perdido and she was built somewhere in the Mexican Gulf. You will be able to witness how the prominent engineers were building this genuine technological masterpiece. Just imagine, more than forty-five thousand tons of steel were transformed into the most advanced oil rig on the planet - a true giant in the extreme world of offshore engineering.

End of August 2008 - today is the big day for the constructors of Perdido. They are moving the bottom half of their offshore oil rig from her construction dry dock in Texas out into the ocean. More than eighteen thousand tons of metal will travel for three hundred kilometers into the Mexican Gulf. Here it will form the base for the state-of-the-art floating installation that will tap into three newly discovered oil fields. Perdido is expected to produce enough oil every day to fill up the 150000 cars with petrol. Needless to say that this is a must-watch for any offshore person and in fact everyone.

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This video is devoted to the EVA-4000 platform often called a floating steel island - note that the height of the platform equals to the one of the twenty-three storey building; the platform operates in water of five thousand feet deep and is capable of drilling six miles into the earth...

This is the engineering marvel that satisfies the world's urge for fuel. It is thirty million pounds of men and machine. But when a monster hurricane pounds through the Gulf knocking out rigs, shutting down the quarter of American oil production, it is up to the crew members of the platform to get the huge machine back out to sea.

Just another contemporary technological marvel we would like to recommend to you since we are quite sure that you will not get disappointed with the content if you are involved or at least interested in the offshore industry and all related activities. Not only technical side is interesting - the video is also showing the perfectly organized teamwork and efforts made by all persons engaged in the subject project.

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This is a very interesting film showing the insight of the offshore industry. This video is devoted to the world famous Troll A gas platform which operates in the Troll gas field located off the Norway's west coast. This is a truly unique and technically sophisticated offshore platform - just imagine, this platform is the tallest offshore structure ever transported from one offshore location to another.

That project was considered one of the top complex engineering projects of all times. The Troll A was towed over two hundred kilometers from Vats to the Troll gas field mentioned above and the entire process of moving the platform took only seven days.

The video is recommended to all people working in the offshore industry and particularly to those directly engaged in towing offshore facilities between locations since they may benefit from the experience shared by the authors of the film and may use some of the technical solutions in their activities. Just have a look and evaluate the efforts undertaken by the towing team.

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A new video lesson showing the basics of the running and landing of the BOPs offshore. This twenty-minute video film will be very helpful to the specialists working offshore and engaged in the above stated operations. Generally, the blowout preventer is huge valve that is installed in stacks in order to seal, monitor and control oil or gas wells.

They are designed and constructed to be able to cope with the extreme pressures and formation kicks that emanate from a well reservoir in the course of the drilling operations. BOPs are extremely important for the safe drilling so the drilling team members are all required to have a clear understanding of all operations with the subject equipment.

Apart from the offshore professionals, this video should also serve as the informative source of supplementary training for the students and trainees who have already received some theoretical training in blowout preventing equipment and its installation on the rigs, and are willing to improve their skills.

The content will actually be interesting even to the broad auditory since it describes quite the critically important and technologically sophisticated piece of equipment on board any offshore drilling installation.

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Another quite short but very interesting animation showing the whole process of the deck installation carried out on the offshore platform starting with the cargo barge approaching alongside, deck rig-up and subsequent cutting the sea fastening, lifting the deck, installation of the deck, removal of the lifting pad-eyes, followed by bridge installation.

An excellent supplementary training tool for the people with the interest in offshore activities willing to know more about the installation of the structures offshore and associated technical processes as well as the difficulties commonly experienced. Particularly recommended for the persons intended to get directly involved in subject projects.

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These are quite typical seeings in the home port of the vessels commonly serving offshore installations. One of the jobs these vessel are used for is laying anchors to secure an offshore installation in position.

Anchor handling is a complex and exacting task - in order to achieve success, a thorough preparation and an absolutely clear understanding is required of what the work scope would entail.

But regardless of how urgent or technically complex the job is expected to be, it has to wait for suitable weather. This video is intended to demonstrate how the offshore anchor handling operations are usually planned and performed. It covers all stages from pre-planning to the completion of anchor handing activities.

The safety issues have also been covered. The video will serve as an excellent visual aid for those willing to know a bit more about the subject, in addition to the theoretical information they have already obtained from the other sources.

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