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Here is an extremely interesting and informative video animation prepared to tell all interested people about the drilling vessel Chikyu which is the first science vessel in the world to be equipped with the riser equipment. The vessel is actually capable of drilling at incredible depths of the sea, i.e. deeper that any other science drilling vessel of today.

The vessel has participate in several international research and discovery programs. Moreover, the vessel took part in the famous scientific investigations carried out of the Nankai Trough, subject activities were connected with the seismic researches.

The animation will demonstrate you all features of this amazing vessel. It will also be interesting to the people who want to know more about the offshore drilling industry in general.

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The authors of this short training video are inviting you to have a look at the largest jack-up offshore unit in the world. This video is intended to guide the interested persons to explore this gigantic structure. Of course and first of all this video will be of great interest to the people directly engaged in offshore engineering and various activities.

They will be able to compare the offshore units they work on with this fantastic unit. Though the film is very short, the authors have presented the material in a very concentrated manner and it means that every single second of it will be interesting.

It will be interesting not only to the offshore industry professionals but also to the other people who like engineering structures and want to know how they are constructed and how they operate.

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