Offshore Geotechnical Engineering

Author(s) E. T. Richard Dean
Publisher Thomas Telford
Date 2010
Pages 520
Format pdf
Size 32 Mb







The practical interest in the construction and further development of the different offshore structures is quite rapidly increasing today because of the rising demand for the hydrocarbons making the offshore exploration and production of oil and gas much more attractive from the commercial viewpoint. Meanwhile, the offshore wind farms and wave/current/tidal energy systems, i.e. all recently introduced systems generating the renewable energy are of great interest, as well.

All of these offshore structures are always subject to the significant geohazards and that's why they always required properly designed and constructed foundations suiting their structural weight, with the applied loads duly considered. The present work provides the core technical design skills commonly required for this subject. The book is pretty self-contained, and such approach has made it useful as a comprehensive primer book even for the beginners; it will also be good when used by the students as a course book.

The readers are expected to possess at least minimum idea of the soil mechanics and very basic engineering skills. Note that the third part is intended to provide the overview of major points plus their application in offshore engineering, for the novices...

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