Personal safety in the galley

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This is another part of the series coming under Personal Safety On Board Ships title and comprising of the training booklet with general instructions, accompanied by the several videos dealing with the personal safety on different types of ships such as tankers and container vessels, chemical tankers, general cargo ships and bulk carriers, plus addressing the safety precautions to be taken by the crew members in different compartments and areas, such as the accommodation and engine room, and on deck.

The galley is not safe place to work and every person working there shall be fully aware of all hazards presented. For example, they have to be very careful when using mechanical cutters since any little distraction of their attention may eventually lead to the serious consequence including injuries. There is no galley without knives - they shall also be treated with care when you use or clean them. There are ovens and deep fryers that not only present the immediate hazard of burn; their incorrect and inaccurate use can lead to the fire on board.

In general, people shall understand that there are established procedures or what and how should be done in the galley and all of those procedures shall be followed. This will allow to have safe working conditions in the galley and eliminate the hazards to the people working there.

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