piling engineering

Author(s) Ken Fleming
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Date 2008
Pages 408
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







An informative source for every piling engineer, with the content updated with all important and recent developments if the field. The piling is considered a rapidly moving field of engineering and the recent decade has shown significant technical advances in the theoretical methods of piling plus in the equipment utilized and testing procedures to be followed.

Some of the above mentioned changes were driven as required by the efficiency and economy needs, reduced spoil production as well as the newly introduced methods of the piling bore supports. Here is the third edition of the perfectly established title. The document has been specifically prepared and released to provide the industry pro's and general readers with the easily accessible and nicely illustrated technical account of the important design matters, methods commonly used for the analysis and testing of the piling arrangements focusing on the practical issues and design methods incorporating the latest achievements.

It is intended to serve as a practical reference book by the geotechnical engineers and all other people involved in piling engineering. The book starts with the introduction followed by the chapters dealing with the site investigation, design of piles and their groups, basic methods, retaining walls, pile and integrity testing, choice of the proper methods and potential problems etc.

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