This is an excellent and comprehensive yet quite concise collection of useful and practical guidelines for all cruisers, with the details of the vessels provided in a very understandable format; the authors have not included any nonsense descriptions of the sea port en route. The readers will be able to see the itinerary and passenger/crew ration, capacity and layout of berths, dining options and other information.

All major ports have been covered in the book including Rome, Monte Carlo, Lisbon, Barcelona, Istanbul and others. The publication was originally intended to provide the travelers with the reference information about the port of call along the way on their cruises. Sufficient details have been provided by the compilers of the volume along with the necessary descriptions and other information to be used when preparing for cruises. in total about fifty ports of call have been addressed in the book.

The readers will definitely anticipate much better organized cruises using the information provided in the pages of the present publication. An absolutely recommended source of info for all cruisers starting from the beginner level. However, the experience travelers will also find the volume practical and useful.

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An atlas of maritime history should include not only places and areas of naval interest illustrating alterations in the balance of sea power, but the ports and routes used by merchant shipping, because the latter forms an integral part, indeed is the basis of sea power, properly understood. Moreover, since maritime history is an aspect of economic and political history there must be some indications of the politico-geographical situation at any given point of time.

For such reasons the following maps, together with their explanatory texts and illustrations, aim at displaying the maritime history of the western nations from the time of the Greeks and the Phoenicians to that of the Americans and the Russians of the present day. This atlas is therefore addressed to those who are interested in economic as well as naval history, to those who are concerned with the story of maritime exploration as much as with changing patterns of maritime strategy. It is not a history of tactics (though diagrammatic plans of notable battles from Salamis to Leyte Gulf are included), or of the evolution of the ship, though there are numerous illustrations included in the text.

Rather, it illustrates a series of strategic and commercial situations seen in a geographical aspect. In a work covering such an enormous stretch of time it is obvious that only the most significant places and events can be shown. In the texts which accompany each map one is compelled to paint a broad picture with summary generalizations which may well deserve qualification in detail. I can only trust that the reader will be indulgent enough to accept such inevitable shortcomings and to overlook any minor errors to which the flesh is heir. It is hoped, at least, that he will be able to find the place he is looking for, whether it be Actium, Lepanto. Hampton Roads or Abu Dhabi.

The pageantry of maritime history, the opening of the ocean routes, the battles for supremacy at sea, the voyages of the great explorers and those of the merchant adventurers, whether from the cities of the Hanseatic League, the barracoons of the slave traders or the oil ports of the Persian Gulf, are here delineated.

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The processes of designing and constructing the vessels has evolved over very long period of time, we are talking about thousands of years. Without them, modem society as we know it simply could not exist. However, in this evolution, the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw perhaps the most dramatic and significant changes to the construction and design, when it became more of a science than an art.

This came about at a time of great social and political change. The ship design and construction is essentially a team activity conducted by professional engineers within the frames of their respective disciplines and fields, often in several countries. However, during this period, a number of individuals made a significant contribution and can rightly claim to have been 'pioneers of ship design and construction'. Many times, whilst their achievements and lasting legacy may be familiar to those involved in the design/construction of vessels, the individuals themselves are less well known, if at all.

In his pen portraits of such professionals, Fred Walker not only describes their achievements, but in doing so charts the development of ship design and construction, seen in the context of the social and economic changes which shaped their lives and work. It is most appropriate that this book should be published in the year when the RINA celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding in 1860, since many of those whose achievements Fred M. Walker describes made their contributions to ship design and construction as members of the RINA.

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Eyjafjallajokull made me do it. Eyjafjallajokull is not some obscure name for the devil from the apocryphal gospel of Skippy. Eyjafjallajokull is an Icelandic volcano that scrambled air travel in 2010. I was corrupted by Eyjafjallajokull better than Beelzebub himself could have done. Eyjafjallajokull introduced me to sailing, indirectly. Since then my finances have suffered, my once promising career has stalled.

I am less public minded, and I am absent from home more. Eyjafjallajokull induced me to travel to the Bahamas by the slowest means of travel known to man. the sailboat. Nevertheless, the sailboat is fast compared to waiters in Paris. I had spent the last two big vacations in Paris struggling to become more cultured. When Eyjafjallajokull spewed its wrath onto the ionosphere, we were thinking of going there for a third year.

Our European vacation plans seemed risky with air travel to the old world interrupted by the eruption of a volcano that no-one could pronounce. With our plans to soak up European culture in a fortnight covered in ashes, we refocused our attention on soaking up the sun. It was our last big vacation as a childless couple. My wife was pregnant with our daughter. Any future vacations were going to revolve around cartoon mice. This one had better be good...

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The original intention of the authors of this book is to ensure that all readers will have a perfect cruise vacation, memorable and relaxing. They have made a good attempt to anticipate all possible questions the readers may have about the cruise vacation experience, and answer them. The book will be very valuable for the first-time cruiser as it will tell them what to expect from the cruise experience.

And the main goal is to make the cruise vacation experience very familiar even for those who have never stepped on board a ship. All info in the book has been laid out in a style easy to understand. The authors of the book have reviewed the best cruise lines that were available at the time of the publication and also performed the overviews of the most popular cruise ports of the world, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii and other popular destinations. The top popular attractions and shore excursions have also been recommended to the readers intending to undertake their first sea cruise. Just take this book with you and use it as a good and very useful reference tool, it will definitely help you a lot when making the final decisions. Many interesting and practical tips on sightseeing have also been provided together with the planning advices, information about the vessels etc.

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The book by Philip Hoare is covering the whaling industry from a very broad perspective. It should be noted that it should not be treated as a pure biology textbook, and that was not the author's intention. This is an easy to read publication about the whales and whaling in general, filled with interesting facts.

The work reveals so much of useful information about whales and their history and is a sort of footnote to Melville and his Moby Dick novel. The readers are offered to learn a very interesting history of the actual interaction between humans and whales. The content is very well thought owing to the great experience of the author.

According to the review by Mark Kurlansky, the books is unpredictable, amusing and informative. It is a lively travelogue through the real history and lore of the whales called kings of the sea, a moving and truly extraordinary volume that will be greatly appreciated by all environmentally and socially conscious readers anywhere in the world.

Just have a look and we promise you will be taken away with how the author describes the subject. Numerous professional reviews of the book conducted by the world recognized experts support the opinions of the general readers and recommend the title.

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Well, it is true that maybe no vessel in history has ever managed to engender such remarkably continued fascination as the world famous Titanic of the White Star Line. The Titanic used to be literally the largest of the man-made objects ever to move at the time of the delivery in 1911. The ship was built at Harland & Wolff's ship construction yard in Belfast. Everything about Titanic was truly impressive.

And, though the design of the ship and all workmanship applied at the time of design and construction made her branded as "unsinkable ship", we all know what did happen. The content of the present publication provides the information about this liner, which may be quite difficult to be found in any other publication, and this approach has gained popularity to this volume.

We would recommend this publication not only to the marine enthusiasts and lovers of the nautical history and story of Titanic but to the general reader and also to the ship designers and naval architects who may wish to check different opinions on the design and construction features of the ship. Such experience has resulted in many lessons learned which should all be reviewed by the specialists. The readers from different parts of the world have already appreciated the book and found it very interesting and deserving attention.

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A bestseller title devoted to the round-the-world ocean trip by the authors. The content of the book presents a contrast to so many other publications about the bluewater voyages. The volume will tell readers a nice story of the cruise - according to the numerous reviews submitted by the readers, the book will present particular interest to the people willing to get some practical advice in connection with the long-distance sailing.

The adventure started the very moment when Yanghan left Stockholm port. Both of the authors have left their jobs intending to undertake the completely different sort of challenge - just imagine, they wanted to circumnavigate the planet. The book contains all information about this remarkable travel, and this not the most valuable part of it. In fact, there is something much more important - the personal impressions of the sailors.

The authors have shared their personal experience, they have provided some practical tips on how sailors should equip their yachts to be able to cope with the circumnavigation in various conditions, they have given some practical criteria to be applied to the route and weather analysis. This is not a navigation or seamanship textbook - the volume is rather aimed to show people what can be done by someone who has made a decision to change his lifestyle and move to a new kid of life...

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