Port and Terminal Management

Author(s) Paul Wright
Publisher ICS
Date 2015
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Nowadays, sea together with the seaborne trade and associated communications play increasingly important role in the global culture of international commerce and connection. Looking at this system, in its very center we will see that the sea ports of the world are deservedly considered the most critical links in the whole chain. We know that the international maritime shipping represents more than ninety percent of the global trade.

To any seafarer, the safest place for the vessel loading and discharging cargo and passengers, are the sea ports. Here we are talking about the safety of the vessel from weather, damages and of course this is the most secure place. The fundamental requirement to the port location is definitely the existing commercial demand for the transportation of people and cargoes. The sea ports are normally developed in areas where the natural safety is provided; however the safe harbors can be arranged if necessary.

The ports present the interface linking water and land means of transportation. Obviously, a good port would possess well-arranged land transportation links and facilities required to store and handle the goods... The present publication is aimed at the people involved in design and management of the sea ports and terminals.

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