Powered Watertight Doors (Video)

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When you join your vessel for the first time, note that it critically important for your safety to become thoroughly familiar with the particulars of the vessel, safety equipment on board, their design features and locations. One of the design features normally fitted to nearly all types of ships is the use of the powered watertight doors intended to protect the ship's hull from the risk of flooding in case of the grounding, collision or structural damage.

When closed, these doors become part of the ship's structure acting as a sort of reliable barrier for the flood water, and their strength is vital - they are built from the heavy steel requiring them to be moved by hydraulics or powered by means of the electric motors.

Watch this training video and you will get a full idea of what the shipboard powered watertight doors are, how and where they are commonly installed, what are the dangers associated with their operation in you fail to follow the correct procedure, and how to avoid the risks of getting trapped and harmed. This training will be best if watched with this booklet on same topic since they perfectly supplement each other.

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