Principles of Naval Weapons Systems

Author(s) CDR Joseph Hall, USN
Publisher US Naval Academy
Date 2000
Pages 349
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







The present textbook has been released with the ultimate intention of Craig Payne to develop a good introductory document to the science and engineering of the weapons that are in use in the naval service. The philosophy of the author used when selecting the information and making the content of the book was that the individual weapons appear and disappear, however the fundamental principles of their operation remain more or less same.

Some of the subjects have been covered in a bit greater detail that it was expected in the introductory course - these details will be of more interest for the professionals in the field. The content of the document has been compiled to simplify the difficult technical concepts of the naval warfare and make them more understandable for the general reader. According to the reviews, this title could easily serve as the textbook on various relevant disciplines, including audio detection/transmission, electromagnetic radiation and others.

In fact, the ultimate objective declared by the author was to let readers get better and more thorough technical understanding of the fundamental operation principles used in the variety of naval weapons. The readers are expected to supplement the material contained in this volume with one of the available publications addressing the weapons that are currently used by the major armies of the world...

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