This James Walker product catalogue includes technical specification of gaskets and jointings, bellows and expansion joints, hydraulic and rotary seals, pipe supports, tank lid seals, packings and much more. The company also produces specialized sealing items for marine diesel engines and their associated equipment.

We would also recommend you to have close look in these two publications from James Walker company, dealing with the gaskets and jointings as well as gasket technology. All three papers are recommended to the persons supplying vessels since they will definitely have all required information including technical specifications and details of the equipment and all required guidance.

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This special guidebook for jointing and gaskets was prepared and subsequently officially released by James Walker Company, one of the world industry leaders in the present category. In this product catalogue you will find all required comprehensive technical information of the whole range of products by subject company including non-asbestos sheet jointing as well as expanded graphite jointings, spiral wound/metallic gaskets and cork-elastomer jointing.

In the pages of the guide the readers will find the details of the above mentioned equipment. This is an indispensable resource for crew members and people engaged in supply. Note that in addition to this guide, we have a product catalogue for hi-performance sealing and a guide for gasket technology, also released by James Walker. Make sure you have all of them saved for future reference, if required.

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The guide starts with introduction followed with the main content, among the areas covered there are gasket behavior including tensile strength and stress relaxation, types of flanges and applicable standards to be complied with, such as the BS, ASME, DIN and others, types of gaskets commonly in use, methods of calculation, information and practical tips on installation of the gasket including main do's and don'ts, tightening of the bolts, troubleshooting etc. An excellent guide not only for suppliers but also to the people willing to have better idea of the gaskets. Note we have two more publications by James Walker company - the first one the product catalogue of gaskets and jointings while the second document deals with the high performance sealing.

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This product brochure released by Belden, Inc. contains following information - Belden shielding for the future, Interference, FCC regulations, Innovative leadership, Belden shield types - advantages and disadvantages, Shield testing methods, Guide to shield performance and selection, test results, and Quick reference shield charts.

Nowadays, the electronic technology world is becoming more and more complex and sophisticated. It means that the design decisions taken today shall consider the data convergence and signal transmissions. Such evolution and the resulting regulations are creating a constantly growing demand for the better cable shielding which is perfectly met by the cables produced by Belden featuring the innovative shielding together with the innovative methods of testing implemented by the company in order to supply the industry with the best quality and dependable electric cables.

Feel free to use this booklet as a guide to selecting the appropriate shields with the performance results obtained in the course of the tests. Moreover, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the different shield types and their general technical characteristics.

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This product catalogue presented by Westronics is fact consists of eight separate booklets providing all necessary information and addressing count relays - SBCR series, diode units - DU-05/10/15/25/110A, ground monitors - protection for AC/DC systems and AC low/high voltage motors, group annunciators - SA/SBGA series, line fault detectors - LFD series, electric motor controllers - SMC 500/500B series, power supply units - SA-132/250/520/960, slim timers and voltage sensors produced by Westronics, one of the world leaders in the industry.

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The official manual prepared and released by the professionals of WSS, i.e. Wilhelmsen Ships Service, the world's leading supplier of chemical products. All of the stuff presented in this publication are produced in Unitor Chemicals factory located in Norway, they are approved by IMO and compliant to the respective ISO standards. Highly competent WSS technical specialists will provide necessary application and all required support to the ships in ports.

The volume has been arranged in five major parts. The first part is dedicated to the fuel and oil treatment, covering soot removers, dieselite, valvecare etc. The second part deals with the cleaning, maintenance and biochemicals like metal brite, teak renewer, reefer cleaner, cleanbreak, foam agent, slip coat and so many others, while the remaining parts address water-, pool water treatment, e.g. hardness-, alkalinity- and oxygen control equipment, boiler coagulant, water stabilizer, as well as various equipment.

Talking about the equipment, this last part of the book covers the fuel and lubricating oil test kits, such as test cabinets, density and viscosity meters, samplers, water-in-oil test kits, compatibility and TBN test kites plus cleaning and dosing equipment, such as soot remover injectors, manual and auto-dosing units for soot remover liquids, and all other equipment designed for treatment of water and fuel oil.

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The present document provide the readers with the information about the bearings produced by SKF, one of the world market leaders. The publication is covering all of the bearing types manufactured by this company, covering the cylindrical/spherical roller and ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings commonly used in the electric motors.

Note that the company also provides special types of bearings for various applications, e.g. hybrid and electrically insulated bearings, offering thousands of both standard-type and specialized replacement products intended for the aftermarket. This booklet starts with the general information, nomenclature, data tables and other info.

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This Safety Catalogue was compiled by the professionals and officially released by the world recognized and respected WSS company, mainly focusing on the merchant fleet and comprising the leading network of maritime services, offering the high quality services in more than two thousand ports of 125 countries of the world.

The main objective of the Company is the delivery of the improved ship operating efficiency. The present Safety Catalogue opens with the part providing the general information on the Company, its technical capabilities, service network, describing advantages of working with WSS, delivery and billing details - in short, everything that the people dealing with the ship supply shall be aware of.

The main content of the catalogue provides the technical details and specifications of the equipment offered by WSS - the fire extinguishing equipment and arrangements including extinguishers and cabinets, hoses, couplings, hydrants and couplings, wheeled and stored pressure fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc., PPE, i.e. personal protective equipment including CA, EEBD, air cylinders, gas detection appliances, head, eye and ear protection etc., rescue equipment including lifebuoys, rescue tools, lifejackets, stretchers etc., various medical equipment required to be possessed on board, oil spill recovery equipment, fixed fire extinguishing systems together with the medium used and spare parts etc.

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