Reeds 21st Century Ship Management

Author(s) Captain J. W. Dickie
Publisher Bloomsbury
Date 2014
Pages 270
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







An excellent introduction to the activities relating to the ship management. Take some time going through the material presented in this publication and you will for sure have much better understanding of the shipping industry and its impact on the other areas. The author of the book mainly addressed the major demands of the contemporary ship management with the main focus made on the people managing the ships as well as theory and practice of the management.

It was very important for the author to change the content and arrangement of the subject matter; the intention was not to make the book same as all other publication but rather to engage the users and ask them some questions - to make them able to evaluate how the shipping companies operate and compare with what is stated in the book. Of course, none of the books available at the market today can provide a perfect answers to all the questions; however, this one aims to encourage all ship managers to question how the SMS, i.e. safety management system, of their shipping company operates and see whether there is any room for improvement.

It goes without saying that the main aspect of the ship management process is the involved personnel - they all must very clearly understand ship management model employed by the company and apply it properly.

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