Seaworthiness - The Forgotten Factor

Author(s) Eivind Bratteland
Publisher Springer
Date 2011
Pages 501
Format pdf
Size 23.7 Mb







The present publication is devoted to one of the most important aspect of the yacht design and construction – their seaworthiness. The author of the book professionally traced al of the links that exist between the changes taking place in the offshore racing rule, and the design of the yachts as well as the associated technology.

The seaworthiness is commonly referred to as the ability of the vessel to successfully survive the weather conditions. So, for people who appreciate the real seaworthiness, it is critical to make sure that their yachts follow the specific design and construction principles. This is what the author has paid particular attention, presenting the result of his work in a very reader-friendly way, considering the fact that not all of yachters are professional shipbuilders.

The volume provides clear explanations of the physics of the yacht design as well as its behavior. Note that the readers are expected to study the content rather than just read it. We would say that this title is an absolute must-have for all people loving boats, no matter what type of boat or yacht they prefer. The author is worldwide known and respected for the detailed writings about the yachts.

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