A truly excellent compilation of the training courses for marine engineers developed by the professionals of the world respected MAN B&W Diesel A/S. It includes several valuable training presentations and numerous operation manuals for the B&W series of marine diesel engines. One of the presentations describes the main advantages of the ME engines, while another one explains the design features for K98 ME (-C) electronically controlled engines.

Then, there are two huge folders with training materials, containing detailed technical presentations prepared for each of the engine pieces, e.g. bearings, cylinders, purifiers, fuel equipment, exhaust valves, etc. also touching such operation and maintenance aspects as automatic tuning of the PMI, turbo cut-out, engine upgrades, technical service, report guidelines, etc.

In addition to the above, there is a separate "pure training" folder containing presentations on the ME engine concept, hydraulic power supply and hydraulic cylinder unit, exhaust system, fuel system. PMI, general description of the engine, MOP displays etc. Needless to say that this set will be of great use to all personnel dealing with the operation, maintenance and repair of these marine diesel engines since it provides comprehensive references on nearly every detail.

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Another useful compilation of technical documentation - this one deals with the DEIF Protection and Power Management. The present pack of files contains numerous data sheets, installation instructions, operators manual, parameter list, quick start guides and application notes for the Protection and Power Management, PPM-3.

There are also some booklets with valuable application notes for the Multi-Line 2 separate synchronization relay and general guidelines for its commissioning etc. The set of documents coming under the title "Description of options" addresses voltage/VAr/PF control together with the functional description, analogue controller and transducer outputs, modbus communication, serial communication - Profibus DP, CANbus engine interface communication, external input/output modules, seven binary inputs, four binary outputs, additional display and operator's panel. In addition, this pack contains the USW-3 (PC Utility Software).

The declared purpose of the developers of the program is to provide users with the general tools to use for setup and commissioning of devices and supervision of data from the devices. It is supplemented with the help file for easier use.

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