Ship Ballast Operations Explained

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Watch this training video and you will have full information about the shipboard ballast systems. The ballasting and de-ballasting are considered one of the most important operations on board any vessel. There are many factors to be taken into account when performing those operations and failure to do that properly may result in the bad consequences. For example, the stability of the ship is directly connected with the daft which, in turn, depends on the ballast condition of the ship.

That is why due attention shall be paid to the stability aspects. In order to properly evaluate the ballasting operations we shall have a good understanding of how they are performed, and this is not possible without having a clear picture of the shipboard ballasting equipment. The key components of the ballast system are ballast pumps and piping arrangements including valves, and they are all controlled via the shipboard ballast control system.

The ballasting and de-ballasting are conducted either by gravity, i.e. using the natural forces, or, when that is not possible due to the position of the ship’s hull in relation to the sea water surface, by means of the pumps. This video will show all stages of the operations making it clear even for the beginners.

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