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The rigging of the vessel models is considered one of the most complicated tasks taken by every model maker. The vessels of the eighteenth century could boast miles of rigging, more than thousand blocks and literally acres of canvas the sails were made of. It is very difficult to retain the accurate representation when trying to reduce these all in scale.

The present classic work by Lennarth Petersson is intended to untangle this complex web using more than four hundred ship drawings; the author of the volume has clearly demonstrated how each of the rigging items was fitted to the ship's masts, sails and yards. Each drawing addresses a single particular rigging item to let the readers see it isolated. The visual immediacy together with the remarkable clarity of this publication has made it very popular among the ship modelers and naval history enthusiasts, resulting in a truly unique volume.

The ship modelers from all parts of the world have already found the book very practically useful and interesting, treating it as a real must-have reference source to be used by all people engaged in the rigging/repair of historic vessels. The book is very handy and helpful since the content is full of informative images guiding the reader. t will ask all your questions and solve all problems you may face...

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