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Nowadays, the vessels and the whole international maritime shipping industry is very vulnerable to a new threat – the cyber-attacks, considered serious since they can possibly affect all critical systems on any vessel. That is why we shall all be aware of this sort of hazard and make sure that both the crew members and supporting shore-based personnel are duly prepared to protect the ship against it.

The present publication was developed by the industry professionals in order to establish the due awareness of the important safety aspects and also make people familiarized with the security and commercial risks commonly presenting because of the wrong or non-timely measures taken. It is highly recommended for all people engaged in the industry to go through the content of this volume to make sure they can better protect the shipboard computer systems and all associated equipment from the outside impact.

Seven chapters of the book cover such aspects of cyber-security as safety management, identification of threats and vulnerabilities, assessment of the risk, contingency planning, response to the incidents, and development of the detection/protection measures. Four appendixes provide additional information and include a glossary of terms.

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The present official guidance was prepared by the specialists of the CS, i.e. International Chamber of Shipping in response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus and in order to provide the necessary support to the crew members of the vessels operating in international waters.

The main objective of the authors of this guide was to assist the shipping companies trying to follow the instructions that are issued by the UN agencies including the WHO, IMO and ILO. The COVID-19 virus was reported in China in 2019 and since then the number of disease cases has been growing; the geography of the virus has already expanded and covered almost all countries of the world.

Note that there is no vaccine readily available to prevent from or fight the virus. In the absence of the vaccine, we all need to be duly concentrated on the preventative measures that shall be taken as necessary in order to stop spreading the disease. We would recommend the present publication be printed and held on board every single vessel undertaking both international and domestic sea voyages. No doubt that carefully following all instructions and advice provided in the pages of this volume will eventually contribute to the health of the personnel on board.

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The TRA, standing for the Task Risk Assessment, is one of the fundamental legal requirements aimed to reduce the probability of the work accidents. This approach has been commonly established in the maritime and offshore industry with the objective to improve the human safety standards on board ships and offshore installations. The present guidebook will provide readers with the professional advice on the risk assessment.

The authors tried to give their advice to enable readers to assess their current safety systems against the provisions contained in this guide, and help them with identifying the improvements to be made. In addition, the information provided in the pages of this compact volume, can be used as a basis when developing a completely new TRA system following the best industry practice, and will also be helpful when referred to during the implementation of the system and its application.

The readers will find valuable information on the different roles and responsibilities of the people involves, and their competencies that are required. Of course, the adoption of the TRA approach will eventually result in better risk awareness by people engaged in the task and reduce the number of incidents. It is a good supplementary tool and reading for those seriously concerned about safety.

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This training program developed by Videotel is intended to convey the essential training messages relating to the survival at sea and is aimed at the crew members of both cargo and passenger vessels. The book is covering the whole process of abandoning the vessel, starting from the moment when the general alarm has sounded and through the whole procedure of human rescue by either rescue boat or chopper.

There are four parts in the series, addressing the mustering, shipboard liferafts and lifeboats and, finally, survival and rescue. It should be noted, however, that even though this program underlines the critical importance of good preparation and thorough familiarization with all shipboard lifesaving arrangements and established procedures, it does not cover the drills and exercises that shall be periodically conducted; nor it addresses the technical maintenance of the relevant equipment.

The main focus has been made by the authors on what exactly and how the crew members shall do in case of emergency in order to maximize their chances for survival. Make sure you use the accompanying videos for the Mustering, Liferafts, Lifeboats, and Survival & Rescue. When used altogether, the training pack will provide an excellent introduction to the survival techniques.

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As we all know, transferring personnel from one ship to another or from the ship to the offshore platform and back is one of the integral parts of the offshore work. Such transfer can be accomplished in many different ways. The present publication by Videotel, supplemented with an excellent video, will concentrate on the method of transfer using the transfer baskets. This method has proven safe and effective; however, in order to complete the transfer safely, you will need to understand the basics of the process and familiarize yourself with the safety precautions and procedures to be followed.

The contents of the booklet is arranged in several chapters covering the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the transfer process, the equipment used for the transfer including the parts, preparation to be made prior to the commencement of any transfer operation, procedures developed for the safe transfer, and checklist that are normally used to evaluate the preparedness of the personnel and operators for the transfer. The ship to ship transfer using basket is actually considered more hazardous due to the both vessels moving in relation on to another and this would require even more attention to be paid to the safety side of the process.

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As we know, there are two Cods introduced by the IMO as a result of so many maritime accidents including shipboard casualties and marine pollution prevention, namely ISM Code and STCW Code. Their timely introduction to the shipping industry was aimed to focus the attention of all people involved to the critical importance of the safety standards. In this book, the authors have addressed the maritime safety through proper and thorough examination of the human factors.

Note that is not prepared to be a sort of purely academic reference book even though some academic arguments addressing the behavioral safety are included. We would rather say that this book will be great when applied as a practitioner’s book containing useful texts that would be interesting for all people working on board as well as to the supporting personnel ashore and operating companies.

All maritime professionals duly caring about the safety of life at sea and prevention of the marine environment pollution will definitely find the content of this publication useful. Starting with the brief historical background, then author has proceeded to literally all important aspects of the maritime safety making the book an absolutely excellent volume with a truly remarkable coverage of the topics.

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Unfortunately, maritime casualties occur on a regular basis and they have serious ramifications all around the planet. And this takes place even though the ships of today are equipped with the anti-collision technologies and modern navigational equipment to prevent such cases.

The present publication was prepared by the recognized expert and every effort was made by the author to illustrate that the causes for these casualties are not limited to the malfunctioning shipboard navigational equipment and that they are often caused due to the human error.

In addition, the content of the book demonstrates the necessity of proper planning ahead. Among other reasons there are also non cross-checking of the ship’s position information with the relevant systems and too much of reliance to the sophisticated state of the art electronic technologies and information provided by them.

Plus, the apathy arising from the hours and hours of uneventful and boring watchstanding is also considered one of the factors contributing into the possibility for the casualty to occur. We recommend the publication to all those interested in the provision of safety of their ships through analysis of the maritime casualties and their possible reasons.

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Traveling by water nowadays is not problem-free. In fact there are several problems associated with it and most of them are relating to the safety and security. The recent cases of attacks and theft from the passenger ships and yachts showed the increase of the maritime piracy in Asian waters. In addition to that, the problem of stowaways also shows the existing difficulties for the modern seamanship.

It happens quite often that seamen face these problems being unprepared. The maritime piracy is considered a worldwide problem of today, however this is not the only problem encountered. Another problem is the maritime terrorism. The present publication was written in order to assist all modern sailors in making sure that their adventure of sailing does not end up with a catastrophe.

The information provided by the author will be useful to those seriously caring about the safety and security of their vessels and people on board. The book will take the readers all the way from the basic information on contemporary maritime terrorism, through evaluation of the hazards to the fundamentals of the maritime defense. Numerous checklists have been included for the necessary checks to be done when preparing to the voyage.

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