Ship technology

Author(s) Mark Lambert
Publisher Wayland
Date 1989
Pages 56
Format pdf
Size 78 Mb







This publication can be considered an easy reading for the people involved with the maritime industry, and for all others it will be a great introductory volume providing general information on the ship technology. Starting with some background on today’s shipping and shipbuilding industry, the author proceeds with the absolute basics of the naval architecture.

The top important aspects of powering the vessel and ship design have been provided along with the essentials of the ship construction. The safety of the ship and personnel at sea is addressed, as well. Moreover, in addition to the conventional vessels, the author has also covered the navy ships and underwater vehicles. It shall be noted that this is neither a textbook nor an exhaustive reference book on the ship technology.

The idea of the author was rather to provide some very basic introduction so that the readers can follow up, should they get interested in the thing. That is why each section consists not more than a couple of pages giving compact and concise introduction which, however, will be enough to understand if this can be the area of the readers’ interest. The volume closes with an article devoted to the future of shipbuilding.

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