Shipboard Electromagnetics

Author(s) Preston E. Law, Jr.
Publisher Artech House Publishers
Date 1987
Pages 280
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







Electromagnetics is commonly referred to as the interaction of two fields, namely electric and magnetic, in association with the so-called radiated energy. So the main focus here in this book is made on the devices normally found installed on board vessels. Such devices emit electromagnetic waves or sense them, and the subject waves belong to the spectrum between the extremely low and extremely high frequencies.

The authors did not address the light waves and some other portions of the spectrum in the pages of this volume in depth. Every effort was made by them to avoid complicated mathematical treatment. The book opens with the historical overview of the subject, followed with the chapter on EME, standing for the shipboard electromagnetic environment. Then we will proceed to the EMC, i.e. electromagnetic capability, and EMI, i.e. electromagnetic interference.

Three chapters devoted to the EMR, EMP and EMA, meaning the electromagnetic radiation hazards, pulse, and assessment, conclude the main part of the publication. The glossary will provide explanation of the terminology used in the book. This is quite rare volume and it is recommended to be on the bookshelf of any ship electrician.

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