Shipborne Radar and ARPA

Author(s) Capt. H. Subramaniam
Publisher Vijaya Publications
Date 2011
Pages 287
Format pdf
Size 45 Mb







The professional skills of today’s navigators shall be aligned with the marine technology which is advancing so rapidly. That is why the proper knowledge and understanding of the working principle of the shipboard radar and correct interpretation of the information provided by the radar is considered very important for the safety of the navigation. Its effective use will mean positive contribution to the safety of the vessel as well as the people and cargo on board.

Therefore, one could not over-emphasize the need for the nice and well written book that would suit all requirements of the mariners. In his book, the author is dealing with both theoretical and practical areas of the use of the shipborne radars. Note that all of the problems have been addressed. The author has made taken every effort to underline the importance of the proper radar plotting.

He has also included numerous work sheets that supplement each of the exercises; this will allow students to make quick revision whenever necessary. This fourth edition of the title takes into account all latest technological advances and is fully up to date. The book is highly recommended to all navigators since the radars are deservedly considered the equipment critical to the safety of navigation.

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