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The content of this excellent training video was developed by the specialists of the NTS Inc., standing for the Nautical training Systems, one of the world leaders in the field. The video is reflecting many critically important aspects and shall definitely be viewed by all persons involved in the construction of the ship hulls and especially those dealing with the welding operations as they will find this one very useful.

The training starts with the information about the fundamentals of the SMAW, i.e. shielded metal arc welding covering the theoretical information and practical operations. Then, the next process addressed is the TIG welding - this also very popular welding process known as tungsten welding used to join aluminum - it is explained in detail within this video by Ron Covell.

The rest of the video is dealing with the gas welding and cutting operations as well as flame brazing and plasma cutting. We highly recommend this video to the future shipbuilders taking into account the concise and clear explanations it provides - they will be understandable even to the people not having too much of practical experience. However, it will be definitely found useful by the experienced welders who may wish to refresh their theoretical knowledge of the fundamentals.

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The video is devoted to one of the most widely used welding processes. The content is prepared by Ron Covell. Knowing the gas tungsten arc welding principles will be of great use for all people involved in aluminum shipbuilding.

Note that the present training video is only one of the series available at Libramar - the other parts making the complete set are covering the flux core arc welding (FCAW process), oxy-acetylene welding, arc welding, gas metal arc welding (GMAW process), metal inert gas welding (MIG process) and even the hybrid laser arc welding.

In order to have a full picture of the welding processes, we would recommend all students and even professionals in hull construction to download all parts of the training and go through the videos very carefully. The film is intended to be used as a comprehensive and easy to follow visual training aid supplementing the theoretical information that can be found in the relevant textbooks, standards and other publications.

The video features clear explanations by the experienced welding professional and is a great one for newcomers willing to understand the basics and to the welders who may find something new or just refresh their professional skills.

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This instructional video film belongs to the Coastal Skills Training series and will demonstrate trainees how to weld commonly utilize joints when performing the welding in vertical and overhead position. The joints dealt with in this video are butt joints, T-joints, lap joints, and outside corner joints. The video is highly recommended to the welders using subject process, particularly those engaged in the ship hull construction and/or ship repair activities.

Note that we have another part of the series devoted to the welding different joints in the flat and horizontal positions with the metal inert gas welding which will also be interesting and useful for both professional and trainee welders since knowing and understanding the fundamentals of the method used for welding will definitely play an essential role in establishing the high quality weld seams and eventually result in the overall safety and quality of the vessel and any other welded structure. Download both videos and get yourself familiarized with the content.

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The FCAW process standing for the Flux Core Arc Welding, is the automatic/semi-automatic process of arc welding requiring constant power supply or voltage and consumable tubular electrode fed continuously. This video shows the fundamentals of the FCAW and teaches newbies some of the must-know welding techniques.

It will be practically useful and interesting for everyone willing to know how to weld better, because of the clear and easy-to-understand explanations provided by the authors. The instructions presented in the film will be found to be of great benefit for all beginner welders as well as to the professionals.

We also have some other videos devoted to the other welding processes, such as the arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, hybrid laser arc welding, tungsten arc welding, metal inert gas welding and gas metal arc welding. We highly recommend our visitors to download all of the videos and get familiarized with their content to have a good idea of all processes since all of them are commonly used in ship construction.

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The World's Biggest Carbon-Composite Catamaran Passenger Ferry was built by a Turkish company. It is being built by OZATA Ship Yard in Yalova. This video briefly shows the process of the construction of the subject vessel. Some comments from the Design Engineer of the project:"...We first draw two and three dimensional models of the ferry at designing office.

We prepare three-dimensional models of all parts of the ferry, then conduct resistance calculations and analyses of the completed models. Later, we send the analyzed products to our colleagues at the purchasing department through our server and buy necessary pieces. After that, we send technical drawings of the product or the necessary details to our colleagues at the manufacturing department and ensure their production". Production Engineer:"...

The fiber we use in ferries with the capacity of 420 passengers that we built for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is full carbon fiber produced by using vacuum infusion technology. In this sense, we are the first shipyard in Turkey and among the limited number of shipyards in the world. The manufacturing in our composite line is as follows - the carbon fiber enters our workshop as a fabric, then leaves our shipyard as a ship. This is the process."

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In this excellent and very informative video training course the recognized boatbuilding expert Arno Day is teaches students the ship's lines, taking off lines and drawing the lines. The trainees will learn the fundamentals of lines plans for boatbuilding, know how to take the lines of any type of boat and how to create a proper lines plan for the particular boat.

The problems coming up when drawing the lines plan are also demonstrated and solved in the present video. Arno clearly shows how to solve them. Note that this course will provide you with all required confidence so that you can create the lines plan drawings to be used for design and building of your own boat.

Every student and professional of the shipbuilding knows that the lines plan is the top important and fundamental aspect of ship design and construction; that is why it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the content of the present video in addition to the theoretical information you will get from the relevant literature. No vessel or boat can be built without properly prepared and executed lines plan so all naval architects shall have a perfect understanding of what it is and how it shall be done in practice.

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The present popular video is showing the process of new construction of the MV "Svenja" - the General Cargo ship, equipped with DPS 1 and strengthened for carrying heavy cargo. Take your time and watch this short film and you will get to know the insight of the day-to-day operations in the shipbuilding industry.

Though not going too deep into technical details of the process, this video will help interested persons to have an overall idea of the ship construction process tracking it from the very beginning of the project and leading through all stages up to the delivery.

It will be interesting even to the people far from the shipbuilding industry and maritime world in general. we recommend our visitors to download a copy of this introductory film and save it so that they can show others how the vessels are normally built at the shipyards and how complicated, time consuming and effort taking process it can be...

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We offer you to watch this classic educational video. This film describes the history of the ship building of Great Britain in brief. Produced by A Merton Park Studios. The video will be of interest for the professional shipbuilders, designers and naval architects who may wish to get better understanding of how the activities they are engaged in today used to be done in the past.

Moreover, it may also interest the students who will see most of the operations they have read about in the books - how they were carried out during the pre-computer times. And, of course, this is a good watch for the people interested in history as it is devoted to the glorious history of British shipbuilding.

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