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This publication was edited by three recognized experts in the field of shipping law and is devoted to the maritime jurisdiction limits. The main content of the volume is arranged in thirty six chapters addressing the most important aspects of maritime limits as well as the definition of maritime boundaries together with the limits of right in the claimed zones.

The valuable contributions to the content of the book have addressed the boundary disputes and conflicting maritime claims as well as the access to the resources and protection of the marine environment, In addition, the matters of maritime security and piracy have also been covered. Moreover, the authors have also paid attention to such important issues as polar waters jurisdiction and expanding activities, climate change and sea level rise and their impact.

Therefore this volume is offering a remarkably detailed professional analysis on a very broad range of critically important and pressing issues of the modern law of the sea. The book is highly recommended to the students of shipping law as well as to the practitioners who will benefit from the information presented by the authors and covering all major areas.

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Among the main declared objectives of the present Polar Law Textbook prepared by the "Nordic Council of Ministers" we would mention the dissemination of the new knowledge on the topical political and legal developments in the Polar area and promotion of the inter-disciplinary education, as well as strengthen cooperation within the above stated region.

The author hopes that the results of her efforts contained in this book will provide all interested readers with the necessary basic knowledge for the long-distance training courses. The content of the volume has been arranged in fifteen chapters that are covering such the important topics as geo-politics, Polar Law, security in the region, environmental law, good governance practices, resources, climate changes etc.

In short, the author has managed to cover literally all important aspects of the Polar Law and this makes the publication particularly useful to the practicing maritime lawyers; however, the book will also be found interesting by the students who may use it as supplementary reading for their courses.

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This perfectly established shipping law textbook is expertly covering the full spectrum of the English law - the author has placed the highly specialized shipping rules in a commercial context related them to general contract principles. The accessible narrative of this volume and its very useful glossary of hey terminology are expected to benefit all students of shipping law.

The publication features professional in-depth commentary on numerous judicial decisions. Another advantage of the volume is the analysis of the several real life cases providing a good reference. The comprehensive and detailed overview of all shipping law aspects makes the book suitable for the course use. There are discussions of such important areas as the charter parties and salvage, arbitration and bills of lading, marine pollution and accidents at sea including ship collisions.

The content of the book is updated and provides a valuable source that will be of practical use for those in practice as well as for the students. The material is presented in an remarkably understandable manner making the volume great even to the newcomers and for the students with no deep knowledge and experience.

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There are many articles and books available today and covering the jurisdiction and arbitration considered two mechanisms developed to ensure the predictability and impartiality of the dispute resolution internationally. However, most of those publications are not dealing with the maritime context.

In addition, it shall be noted that they are quite seldom juxtaposed and there are little to no comparative treaties authored. The author of the present volume has attempted to fill this void since there were many reasons to undertake such effort. Subject clauses are connected to the transport documentation.

Since the maritime trade is of international character, quite significant portion of the internationally available forum agreements is originating from the maritime contracts. The content of this document mainly bases on the comparative approach, seeking to explain the rules existing today within the legal context and also to create a coherent system for jurisdiction and arbitration clauses, taking into account all underlying interests and economic theory.

It offers detailed answers to the major questions of jurisdiction/arbitration clauses while confronting the fundamental question of freedom limitation.

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In this excellent volume the team consisting of the industry experts offers a timely and remarkably thorough professional analysis of the ongoing issues taking place in the Law of Sea today. The content has peen arranged in six major parts. The first part of the document provides the results of examination of the co-operative measures than are commonly taken in the South-East Asia when combating maritime piracy and robbery against the vessels.

The second part is mainly focusing on the trans-national threats, such as the counter-proliferation measures, IUU fishing, freedom of navigation, regulations governing the activities of the private maritime security organizations etc. The third part is made up of two essays addressing the current development in Arctic , covering the Arctic Council activities and co-operative measures that are taken by Japan, Korea and China.

The rest of the parts are dealing with such important aspects of maritime industry as the energy security, ASEAN activities, enhancing navigational safety, balancing the protection of the marine environment and freedom of navigation, marine data collection, etc. particular attention has been paid to the various categories taken together with the associated legal consequences. In the closing document the global challenges including rising sea level, Polar changes and global warming are outlines.

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It is considered a matter of the top importance at the time of each and every marine incident that evidence should be preserved and collated, while all facts pertaining to the subject incidents are still kept fresh in the minds of the witnesses. The master's role is vital - probably often as a main protagonist but also always as an authoritative "on-the-spot" co-coordinator.

Eventual success in making the maritime claims of defending them would be mainly dependent upon the vigor, with which the shipmaster performs these duties. This book will help shipmasters to act vigorously, intelligently and effectively in performing subject duties. And that is the reason why it should be treated as invaluable asset, which every shipmaster must have ready in his bookshelf on board.

The publication will for sure be practically useful to the people directly involved in preparation ashore for prosecuting, settling or defending claims. This official document release by the nautical institute shall be possessed on board every vessel and all ship officers shall get themselves duly familiarized with its content since this is considered critically important and must-know information.

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The original edition of this book was released more that thirty years back. This is the revised and updated edition of the volume intended to provide readers with the comprehensive treatment looking from the strategic perspective. The author, Ken Booth, is offering a finely detailed strategic analysis of both outcome and background of 3rd United Nations Conference on the subject taken together with the associated naval implications.

The present study has been designed specifically for the students of naval strategy as well as for the international maritime lawyers and all others with the professional interest in the international affairs willing to get the understanding of the most important questions related to the maritime environments and security issues.

Since today the sea takes on more and more properties of the land becoming territorialized, this presents new opportunities and challenges to which all governments and their navies shall respond in a most efficient manner. A must-read publication for all categories of students and professionals listed above taking into account the number of the topics covered in a single volume.

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The book starts with some introduction where the author describes the main components of marine transportation system, addressing the major developments that commonly affect marine transportation and touching the preparation for the future developments in the field. The second chapter is addressing the marine transportation demand including current demand and forecasting methods, assumptions and confidence.

The third part of the document is dealing with the federal roles in MT which is basically ensuring the marine safety and protection of the environment, facilitating commercial issues and promoting the national security. The remaining chapters of the volume compare the federal roles in marine transportation with their role in highway and air transportation, provide the information about the MTS conditions, performance and demands, and give the information and analysis to be used when making decisions.

Two appendices to the main part provide Statements of William Gray and James McCarville. A good volume for the people with serious interest in the fundamentals of maritime transportation - they will find all information they may require.

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