Ships Electrical Systems

Author(s) Rene Bortslap, Hans ten Katen
Publisher Dockmar Maritime Publishers
Date 2011
Pages 224
Format pdf
Size 132 Mb







The present title will tell readers everything they need to know about the ships electric installations. It contains the easily readable information on the basic design and principles of power generation, energy distribution to all consumers on board as well as ship automation, various nautical equipment and remote control systems, communication systems etc.

The publication is aimed to people who already have some basic knowledge of the electrical installations on board vessels or the electrical installations ashore. It is also intended to provide some simplified principles of electricity as well as the specific requirements for vessels. Take some time reading this book and you will have a necessary knowledge of the principles of electricity including the special application onboard ships. This publication was prepared aiming to help all readers who are involved with making decisions affecting the design, installation, subsequent testing, operation, maintenance and repair of the electrical systems installed on board vessels.

The book starts with the chapter describing the very basics of electricity, followed by the chapters on basic design criteria, one line diagram and electrical load balance. Next chapters are dedicated to the mains voltage selection, alternate current sources, type approved electric equipment, emergency power sources, short-circuit calculation, switchboards, cables, alarm/monitoring systems, communication, lighting, safety systems, nautical equipment, dynamic positioning systems, automatics etc.

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