Ships of the Royal Navy

Author(s) Colledge J. J., Ben Warlow
Publisher Chatham Publishing
Date 2006
Pages 396
Format pdf
Size 275 Mb







The publication was prepared and released to provide all people interested in naval history with the absolutely completed record of literally all fighting vessels of the British Royal Navy Fleet starting from the fifteenth century and up to the present time. This volume is the updated version of the one released in 2003 - it has been significantly updated and revised in order to include the vessels which were added to the Royal Navy.

The author has also included in this publication some ships constructed as warships, for example motor gun boats. coastal forces etc. We would definitely recommend to treat this volume as a genuine ABS of the vessels belonging to the Royal Navy - the content of the book contains the results of the researches conducted by the author. Needless to say that the information provided in the pages of this "encyclopedia" of Royal Navy fleet will be greatly appreciated by the naval history enthusiasts, professional naval historians and all other persons with the interest in naval wars.

The decision was made by the author to omit the technical details of the engines installed on the steam vessels for the sake of brevity. Most of the modern ships included in the book are provided only with the tonnage as, actually, all other technical info is readily available everywhere and may be easily obtained from the reference books.

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