Simple Elements of Navigation

Author(s) Lucien Young
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Date 1890
Pages 235
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







This classic work was not actually released with the intention to fill in the gap on the subject of marine navigation that used to exist at the time of its publishing back in the late nineteenth century. The objective of the author was rather to acquaint the readers with one of the commonly used methods throughout the volume, omitting most of the complicated mathematical calculations and formulae.

Such approach used by the author made the book understandable to the people without good knowledge of mathematics. The publication covers the essential navigation elements. There are tables added with the supplemental information and data, so the readers can find in a single volume all basic information they would need to be able to navigate their ship from one port to another.

The book starts with the definition of the main terminology and description of the essential navigation instruments together with the instructions on their use. Then, the fundamentals of marine navigation are provided in a clear and understandable manner. This is a recommended reading for the people with the interest in the navigation who may wish to know how the particular elements of it were approached and taught in the past.

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