Small Boat Navigation

Author(s) Frank Ward Sterling
Publisher The Macmillan Company
Date 1942
Pages 160
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







This publication was prepared by Frank Ward Sterling, Lieutenant of the United States Navy Fleet, back in 1942. Taking into account the date of the release, it is quite obvious that some of the latest technological developments in the field of boating cannot be reflected in this volume. However, the book covers all important aspects of the boat handling which have actually remained unchanged.

The volume will be of some interest to any boat owner and any person willing to get to the essentials of the boat navigation. The material is arranged in two halves covering boat navigation and seamanship. While the first part deals with the various navigational tools, records and publications, dead reckoning and positioning of the boat, the second one addresses soundings and tides, weather issues, rules of the road etc.

In short we would recommend all people planning their voyage on the boat to have a look into this book to ensure proper knowledge of the theory. The material is presented in a very understandable way and maybe that is why the publication is still used by many people notwithstanding the age of the book. In fact the explanations provided by the authors will make the topics understandable even to the people with no maritime background.

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