Steam-Turbine Principles and Practice

Author(s) Terrell Crof
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 1923
Pages 350
Format pdf
Size 26 Mb







The recent adoption of steam turbine technology has been very rapid and is of truly great importance to the industry. Nowadays, the steam turbines are widely used and have proven effective. The present publication was prepared specifically for the practical technical specialists in order to furnish them all with the required information; it is actually intended to give the operating engineers, managers and superintendents with the guidance they would need to satisfactorily perform their everyday work.

The main aim of the author was to cover the topics related to the general classes of steam turbines, namely those where the specialist has to be familiar in order to insure economic and, of course, safe operation of the steam turbines, and those a thorough understanding of which will be required for the specialist to make a proper choice when dealing with the ordering of the equipment. Some of the theoretical information is given in the book, to let readers get a sound technical understanding of the general principles of operation of the steam turbines.

Note that the book does not address the design of the steam turbines. The readers are not expected to have a serious technical or scientific background but some working knowledge of the mathematics would be required.

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