the art of welding

Author(s) W. A. Vause
Publisher Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc.
Date 1985
Pages 96
Format pdf
Size 6 Mb







The welding itself is treated as a technical skill of constantly increasing demand; in fact, we may say that the theoretical basics of welding could quite easily be learned by all students. The author of the present welding textbook has more than four decades of professional experience in welding; the publication reflects the results of his efforts setting out the fundamental techniques related to the different types of welding including arc welding, oxy-acetylene welding, as well as brazing and others.

This is an excellent choice for the newbie welders willing to get a proper and thorough understanding of the basics of welding and get familiarized with the most commonly used welding techniques, processes plus the equipment used. This is a handy reference work explaining the main welding processes as they have been developed, introduced and subsequently used in the industry. The application of the welding to model engineering has also been addressed in the present volume.

The main content of the textbook is divided into two halves supplemented with three appendices providing the information about the weld symbols, frequent welding defects and aids to assembly. This book also covers the exercises with mild steel, resistance welding, welding of pipes, MIG/TIG welding together with many other important technical aspects directly related to the welding.

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