The Complete Nautical Astronomer

Author(s) Charles H. Cotter
Publisher Hollis & Carter
Date 1974
Pages 336
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







The navigation is usually referred to as a sort of maritime art used by the mariners to get their vessels from one point of the world to another in a safe and expeditious manner. The traditional ways that are available to the marine navigators to check the progress of their ship are all based on the fundamental principles of the astronomy. These methods of mathematical astronomy shall be used by the mariners if the conventional shore observations are not available or electronic aids are not functional.

And this is the nautical astronomy which is scientific in nature. The author's aim in preparing this volume was to provide navigators with the complete and up-to-date reference book on nautical astronomy and fill the gap in the literature currently available on the modern navigation needs. The author has introduced some historical background intended to broaden the knowledge of the readers in the field of navigation, and will also definitely enhance their interest in navigation.

The author hopes that the people who have read this book including both amateur and professional mariners will gain real profit from the information and instructions contained in its pages. Moreover, they will find it very enjoyable to get better understanding of the subject.

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