The Iron Ship

Author(s) K. M. McKinley
Publisher Rebellion
Date 2015
Pages 284
Format epub
Size 1 Mb







This novel is a very well developed with a great cast of characters and a very interesting story. The readers will definitely note the effort put by the author on this work in the development of the world together with the people. Note that this is not a story just about the Iron Ship; in fact, only one of its chapters has been set at sea and aboard the vessel. There are so many characters in this book and the main story focuses on six siblings, but it also draws in other characters.

A lot of head hopping is occurring in the book which might distress some of the readers at first, but the author has handled this is such a brilliant manner that allows the switches to be very smooth and not distracting from this story at all. It will be definitely very difficult for all readers to put this book down because of the quality of the world building; it is guaranteed that the readers will get lost in the story and forget that they do not actually live in the times of Hundred Kingdoms.

The only complaint will be that this book ends very soon. One of the positive aspects of this title is the way in which the author has formed the imagined fantasy world. All of the given information is very important and the ancient naval history allows readers to properly understand the characters of the book and their behavior...

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