THE NEW NAVY 1883—1922

The New Navy 1883-1922

Author(s) Paul H. Silverstone
Publisher Rouledge
Date 2014
Pages 290
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







The content of this volume was prepared and compiled by Paul Silverstone, and presents readers a perfect and useful list of the vessels that operated in the historical period between 1883 and the First World War. The information provided in the publication is supplemented with the number of photographs.

The book includes a list of SP class ships, they are sorted separately by name and by hull number. In addition, there are listings for the US Army ships, NOTs, plus the Royal Hawaiian Army. This is the third book of The USN Warship Series - as the name implies, the author covered the fifty-year period of time, 1883-1922. The readers may look at this book as at the great compendium of the naval vessels of the covered historical period.

The text is supplemented with the images of the vessels. The vessels constructed in a few years following the famous decision of the Congress to order the removal of all obsolete vessels and all navy vessels of the American Navy fleet since then have actually stemmed from those three ones - they participated in the American-Spanish War; in fact, the success of the naval victories and acquisition if the overseas areas were actually the impetus to the establishment of the large naval ship construction program...

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