The Ship.

Author(s) C. S. Forester
Publisher Penguin
Date 2006
Pages 288
Format epub
Size 2 Mb







The author of this novel is world known as the person who created Horation Hornblower. However, he is also the writer of numerous other books which are not less popular. The one presented to your attention is describing the actions that have been seen by the crew members of one of the light cruisers of the British Navy fleet during the fighting, struggling against seriously overwhelming odds in order to get a vital convoy to Malta, we are now talking about the times of the Second World War.

Each of the chapters starts with some intro words from the official battle report of the Captain followed by the description of what was meant from the point of view of the people involved, from most junior seamen to the Captain. You will feel the contrast between the understated formal language of the official paper and heroism of the real events and will also be amazed with the amount of detail provided by the writer.

This title has been found very popular among all readers and it has been top rated by most of them. In fact it was a very famous historical battle when a squadron of British ships escorting a convoy heading to Malta was attacked by a significantly heavier forces but fought back in the way and result described in this book.

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