Troubleshooting Electronic Equipment.

Author(s) R. Khandpur
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2006
Pages 522
Format epub
Size 8.9 Mb







The readers may and shall use this book to find the easy-to-follow step-by-step procedures for correct identification of the causes of most of the problems occurring in the electronic equipment and methods of repair. Any sort of equipment, from digital electrical circuits to multi-meters - this is a good practical guide covering nearly every piece of equipment and providing the required techniques of troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of any such equipment.

The text part of the main body of the publication has been supplemented with more than three hundred detailed illustrations and huge number of in-depth examples for better understanding. This book also features a wealth of effective aids and tools for servicing of the electrical equipment, complete coverage of all electrical circuits together with their components that are usually utilized in small or large electronic equipment all around the globe, necessary guidance for reworking and repairing, as applicable, of the SMD-based electrical equipment, and provides expert advice on proper troubleshooting of any microprocessor-bases electrical equipment.

It also provides all required tools and techniques for correct troubleshooting of any problem that may happen to the electronic equipment that is why it's usefulness simply cannot be overestimated...​

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