Understanding Electric Power Systems

Author(s) Frank Delea, Jack Casazza
Publisher Wiley
Date 2010
Pages 344
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This comprehensive resource is dedicated to the electric systems of today and describes the physical nature of the networks making up the electric power systems, and their working principles plus so many other relevant aspects. The authors have translated very intricate and complex material they wanted to include in the book, into a quite straightforward narrative and this, in turn, allowed the authors to make this title very easy for all newcomers to use.

This volume will also be useful to any person willing to get a broad technical overview of such systems. The publication will be good for non-electrical technicians and engineers, as well, since it provides a perfectly compiled and easily understandable summary allowing readers to get a good general understanding. The present book on power systems would be highly recommended to the students and professional engineers and might for sure serve as a critically useful addition to the technical libraries.

As it has been already mentioned above, the material contained in the publication, has been presented in consistently clear and quite simple language without any unrealistic projections and strident arguments - only thorough explanations of what exactly the power supply industry is and how it relates with the finance, law and politics.

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