Unsafe Act Awareness

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You have made good friends at sea, the best. So it can be very tough if one of them gets killed, as this affects everyone on board in a big way. Everyone remembers the person who died, remembers what happened, and remembers what went wrong. Maybe some lessons would have been learnt – hard lessons. But the next time someone gets killed on a ship, the circumstances will probably be completely different.

If you really think about it, death is just a tip of the iceberg. The figures can vary according to the conditions, but it is quite easy to imagine that for every death there are, say, ten incidents where someone is seriously hurt, hundreds of minor injuries and maybe thousands of hazardous occurrences where someone is nearly hurt. In fact, any of these near-miss events could potentially end up with someone’s death or serious injury. When you think about it that way, it is frightening the number of times every day you face the possibility of something really serious happening.

So, what can the incidents like these mean to you...? Watch this video very carefully and you will get to know about the most important aspects of safety of human life on board ships and needless to say that this understanding plays critical role in the provision of safety of the shipping.

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