Vessel general permit

Author(s) Sheila Brownlee
Publisher Videotel
Date 2010
Pages 52
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







The main declared objective of this training program consisting of the present booklet and supplementing video training lesson, is to provide ship masters and crew members with some essential knowledge of the VGP, i.e. Vessel General Permit. First of all, we will look into what the VGP is at all and why there was a need to introduce it.

Then we will check what VGP means for the ships and what exactly ship crew should do with respect to the established management procedures, inspections, necessary corrective actions, reporting practices, record keeping, and of course training. Particular attention has been paid to the compliance issues and importance has been duly underlined.

The document contains a brief summary of the things to be implemented to reach compliance with the five general requirements of the VGP and twenty-six effluent discharges. It should be noted, however, that this program cannot cover every single element of the VGP and is there for introductory and training purpose only.

The trainees are encouraged to refer to the Final Permit. However, when used together, the training set will make a good contribution to the professional knowledge of those involved in the maritime shipping industry.

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