boat-building and boating

Author(s) Daniel Carter Beard
Publisher Scribner's
Date 1931
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 12.2 Mb







This is a classic and very rare book. It was first published more than a century ago, in 1911, and the original intention of the author was to help the kids construct small crafts that ranged in size from a houseboat to a log raft, Taking into account the average age of the assumed audience, it is quite understandable that the author could only use the most basic of technical skills from potential "boatbuilders", and his plans and directions which resulted from this approach, have become a real classic in the schools of so-called "quick & dirty" boat building.

This book will be ideal for the rafts and some basic crafts or any other similar structures. We would recommend all boat builders of the future shall to consider this book as the first primer due to very simple and easy-to-understand explanations of the various techniques.

This small volume even includes some basic information on sailing and nautical safety, seamanship techniques, rigging of a small boat and a handy guide to knot splicing for nearly any harbor or nautical situation. The building directions provided in this book include ones for war canoe, folding canoe, rowing rafts, slab and dugout canoes, canvas canoe and several other types of boats. 

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