Building Model Ships from Scratch

Author(s)                 Kent Porter
Publisher GL Tab Books
Date 1977
Pages 368
Format pdf
Size 110.6 Mb

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   At one time or another you may have looked at ad elaborately detailed model of a sailing ship, built from scratch! and thought. "Wow! Wish I could do that. But I know it's too hard". It's a lot easier than you think—and that is the point of this book. Building from scratch is not as easy as building a shira model from a plastic kit, of course, but the rewards are proportional to the efforts you put into it. Viewed as a finished work, a ship model appears astonishingly complex, but the construction itself is done one easy step at a time.The model is actually an accumulation on tiny details executed with loving care It does not require tremendous skill to build a ship from scratch, nor even inordinate manual dexterity. Anyone with a reasonable amount of patience and average ability with the hands can turn out a magnificent piece of artwork.

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