Certification of Tidal and Wave Energy Converters

Author(s)                 DNV
Publisher DNV
Date 2008
Pages 26
Format pdf
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   The DNV OSS is intended to present procedures and principles for the certification of tidal and wave energy converters conducted by DNV classification society. Such converters, when installed either inshore or offshore, will obviously face same environmental challenges as the converters installed on the offshore oil and gas installations. This class society will use its experience from the offshore industry to develop necessary guidance for the renewable energy installations. That is why the reference is given to the DNV offshore standards/recommended practices and international standards. The document covers all concepts of tidal and wave energy converters and refers primarily to the near-shore and offshore concepts for such converters; however, it may also be applied to the shoreline devices. Generally, converters may be of floating or fixed types and they are usually constructed of steel, concrete or composite material. This OSS is flexible enough to match the differences in technology and new concepts that are currently being developed, and provides a framework for proper application of the certification to the marine renewable energy. The publication contains definitions and references, safety philosophy, certification deliverables, explains the basic principles of certification as well as qualification of new technology, procedures to be followed for assignment of certification, verification of procured items, documentation and many other issues.

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