Marine, Waterborne, and Water Resistant Polymers

   The present interesting title has been specifically compiled and published to present readers a good technical overview of the most important established methods, products plus various applications of marine biotechnology. The publication starts with the discussion of the chemical properties of the various marine polymers together with their types. Then, the author of the volume addressed the utilization of these materials in detail, paying some attention also to the methods of both analytical and characterization testing. The volume is also emphasizing the polymer materials considered maximum friendly to surrounding environment, along with their applications within the industries as well as the origin. The above mentioned polymers are broadly used in the industries, including various marine purposes, well applications and others. This book is arranged in four big part. While the first part is giving the general information on the marine polymers, the second part addresses all possible applications in the marine industry, including coatings, foams, anti-fouling, ropes, anti-corrosion materials, engine lubricants and others. The third part covers the waterborne polymers with the main accent made on the synthesis methods, waterborne coatings and also special applications. Finally, the closing part of the book has been dedicated to the water-resistant polymer materials.

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Handbook of Sea-Level Research

   Conducting the measurements of the sea level changes is deservedly considered to be among the most pressing goals of today's marine science, and it requires application of the sophisticated scientific techniques and approaches. The initial aim of the authors of the present handbook was to provide the interested readers with the useful and practical guidelines assisting them in this challenge, starting from the stage of the initial design of various research approached, through to the practical matters of collection and further interpretation of the relevant technical data obtained from a broadest range of the coastal environments. The content of this volume is built on more than thirty years of researches, and the body of the work has been divided into thirty-eight chapters authored by the world leading experts. The publication is expected to serve as a very important and practically useful resource to be used by the scientists willing to get a proper understanding of the changes in the sea levels across a very wide range of relevant technical disciplines, plus policy-makers who are wishing to appreciate the actual situation with the knowledge of these changes, as well as university teachers and research students, who want to know more about this problem.

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Chemical Marine Monitoring - Policy Framework and Analytical Trends

   This title was released to present the results of combined professional efforts by a team of the world recognized experts in marine chemistry; it forms a part of the popular "Water Quality Measurements" series. The volume is aimed for the postgraduates as well as specialists and scientists, together with the researchers directly involved in various activities in the filed of analytical chemistry. This work will definitely be found beneficial for all persons with the interest in the development of various materials and established analytical methods relating to the regulations addressing the drinking water. The authors of this comprehensive text have arranged the main content in several sections, covering the monitoring of marine pollutants, international conventions plus associated European Union marine strategy, addressing the marine parameters to be monitored, different chemical species and trace elements, nutrients and organic micro pollutants, types of the monitoring, including methods of biological monitoring and classic chemical monitoring, quality assurance matters, including various certified reference materials to be used when performing the monitoring, important issues directly relating to the development and research activities, explanation of the role of the sediments in coastal monitoring, and also various technologies for the passive sampling. Recommended to all people interested in marine science.​

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Ocean Forecasting - Conceptual Basis and Applications

   This interesting title prepared by John Woods in collaboration with Nadia Pinardi provides the conceptual basis and major applications of the ocean forecasting. The publication was specifically released to provide readers with a consistent and exceptionally comprehensive overview on various methods and popular applications of the ocean forecasting worldwide. Subject sector of marine technology and science is development very fast owing to the constantly increasing demand for the reliable and multi-disciplinary info related to the marine systems that would allow the sustainable utilization of the coastal resources as well as mitigation of potential global change effects. Some of the chapters of this book have been dedicated solely to the theoretical and conceptual basis of the ocean forecasting, that range from the design of the observational and modeling systems, established techniques of data assimilation, and modeling of numerical ecosystem. The volume is also covering numerous live examples of the forecasting and modeling systems that are either in use or being established. The publication is expected to be practical and also useful for both students and scientists in all relevant disciplines, since it will enable all of them to gain proper understanding of the current level of technical knowledge/performance of the forecasting systems existing today.​

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Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate

   This new book by Murry Salby was specifically written with the intention to provide all interested readers with an integrated treatment of all processes that control the Earth-Atmosphere system. The content of the volume has been developed on the basis of the initial principles through the proper balance of theory and possible applications. The book is built on the materials contained in the previous publication by the author, with its scope being significantly expanded to include the climate matters. This is an excellent textbook for the intermediate level students and we would recommend it to be used as the reference source for both researchers and graduates - the text in the publication is supported with the problems and their solutions explained in detail. The volume will provide a conceptual and at the same time quantitative understanding of the various controlling influences, that are integrated via the theory and their applications. The book was released to lead the readers through the development of the various physical processes shaping the weather, climate, and global energetics. There are several problems of different difficulty, presented at the end of the each chapter to develop the knowledge and quantitative application of the students; subject problems are supported by correct answers and solutions.

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Tsunami - The Underrated Hazard

   This book by Edward Bryant describes very comprehensively the nature and process of tsunamis; the author outlined field evidence for detecting past tsunami events, and describes ones linked to the earthquakes, submarine landslides, volcanoes and impacts of meteorites. It is aimed to be the information source for researchers and students, though will be very useful for the general public interested in this sort of natural hazard. The main focus of this publication is formation of landscape features by tsunami; it is a really needed and up-to-date work with worldwide coverage. The lists of relevant figures, tables and symbols are included in the content of the book, together with acronyms and abbreviations used. The book starts with the introduction, supplemented with real-life stories and followed with the causes, characteristics and wave theory of tsunamis; the second chapters is dedicated to the landscapes formed by the tsunamis, including the depositional and erosional signatures. This chapter is followed with one addressing the evolution of the coastal landscape. The remaining chapters deal with the volcanic eruptions, comets and asteroids, great landslides, risk and avoidance. The stories forming the foundation of the description of tsunamis and associated discussions are based on the materials of the live examples.

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Oceanography of the East Sea (Japan Sea)

   The volume prepared by a team of the world recognized specialists in the field of the oceanography was released as a brilliant result of their intention to provide the industry with the review of the researches conducted in different fields of the oceanography and concerned with the response of the sea in question to the changes in climate. The East Japan Sea is quite unique because of the very rapid and seriously amplified response to the changes in climate, including the long-term trends of both chemical and physical parameters at a rate almost doubling the global rate. The present publication is aimed to demonstrate the results obtained from the previously released sources in a duly organized way, and also to introduce a significantly updated view of the relevant researches that have been carried out recently. The content of the volume has been arranged in several chapters comprising the chemical, physical, geo- and biological aspects of the region in questions and the fisheries. The title has been specifically prepared for the students/researchers involved in the works related to the climate variability plus members of the oceanography community. The results presented in the book will also be of great use to the researchers working in the other fields.

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Food Waste and Sustainable Food Waste Management in the Baltic Sea Region

   Today, the amount of the food that is thrown away every year worldwide, reaches around 1.3 billion tonnes. This book is intended to presents the major findings of an extensive piece of research on the state of the problems related to the food waste in several countries, as further stated in the book. The results obtained are showing that the scale of the problem with regard to food waste varies between each country and is limited by an insufficient number of studies performed in the area. In almost all of the countries covered within the book, this problem is considered most prevalent in the area of food wastes that are commonly generated by the manufacturing sector, for example from inefficient utilization of the by-products. In Sweden and Germany, the main problem is a food being thrown away by the households; however, subject food could still be suitable for consumption. The values reach sixty-five and thirty-five percent, respectively. The method of the reduction or prevention of the food wastes most often applied across the seven countries is the donation of food. In addition, Germany has initiated a large number of engagement campaigns and activities aimed at reduction of food waste, whereas, Sweden has launched projects only focused on single organizations or institutions...

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