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Physical Oceanography of the Baltic Sea

   The Baltic Sea is deservedly treated as a unique basin - it is relatively shallow and small, and should rather be looked at a series of separate basins connected to the Atlantic Ocean only by means of the Danish Straits. The water exchange through the above mentioned series of straits is quite limited, and as a result of the positive balance of the fresh water, the water mass of the Baltic Sea is brackish, with its mean salinity being about seven per cent — 1/5 of the salinity of normal ocean waters. This elongated sea lies between maritime temperate and continental sub-Arctic climate zones. During the winter time, it is partly covered by ice, and at most severe winters it is completely frozen over. The variable coastal geo-morphology and the wide archipelago areas give the Baltic Sea its individual appearance. There are four major brackish water basins in the World Ocean, as further discussed in the book. The mean depth of the Black Sea is about 1200 metres and, owing to the strong salinity stratification and extremely slow renewal of the deep water, the water masses below 200 m are anoxic... In short, the publication will be very useful for the people involved in oceanographic and other activities in the area because of the information included by the authors.

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Surveying and Charting of the Seas

   According to the author, his original  intention was that this volume would serve several different purposes, including giving readers an overall picture of the several aspects of charting and surveying and, at the same time, going a bit deeper into those of the subjects which commonly seem to require some additional attention, or are in need of a more modern approach. Also, where deemed desirable, several completely new subjects have been introduced. In the meantime, it was considered a necessity not to overlook simpler methods and less complicated equipment, as not every survey ship possesses the modern equipment for the electronic data processing on board with all required instruments recording on-line. When writing this volume, the author hoped that it would assist hydrographic as well as all other marine surveyors facing with the difficulties when establishing an efficient hydrographic office and performing effective surveys for their country; who are often required to provide guidance to younger officers, not having readily available sophisticated data collection and further processing devices. As declared by W. Langeraar, the author, a serious need exists for a title not only discussing the latest equipment and all associated methodologies, but which is also covering less complicated instruments and methods...

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Liquefaction Around Marine Structures

   Looking into this volume, we have underline the main purpose of this well-written plus remarkably comprehensive publication is to describe physics of the seabed liquefaction processes taking place around marine structures, together with their implications for the pipelines and sea outfalls, plus quay walls, caisson breakwaters and different other marine structures. We would recommend this title to literally all participants of the ocean as well as marine and coastal engineering industry and anyone with the practical interest in the liquefaction/stability of marine structures. Professor Mutlu Sumer, the author of the this title, has also included numerous real-life examples with the sole intention to duly illustrate the possible catastrophic consequences of the liquefaction of soil as applied to the various marine structures; moreover, the author has also addressed the matters of math modeling of the liquefaction. Some other live examples are directly supporting the discussion on the proper assessment of potential the liquefaction has, as well as the investigation of the benchmark cases. A must-have reading to any specialist in different areas of ocean engineering and any associated disciplines, including students, pros, scientists/researchers taking part in the activities of marine and ocean engineering.

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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring - Optics and Other Methods

   This publication was prepared to familiarize readers with the major techniques of the optical ocean sensing. It is mainly covering the most important topics relating to optical monitoring as well as sensing applications and is expected to be equally suitable for managers and professionals in all related disciplines. Bearing in mind the variety of the specialized areas in the oceanography science, it was nearly impossible for the author to include all of them in the single tutorial so the main emphasize was made on the science and reasons behind specific approaches and methods without getting too deep into the details of issues. The volume contains a pretty explanatory text presenting the very major techniques of the optical sensing of the ocean. The publication will definitely be found suitable for both pros and managers in the relevant fields, plus for the students with the serious interest in exploration of the career in ocean engineering or remote ocean sensing. The book opens with some short overview of the key branches of ocean research, and this would include the geo-oceanography, covering chemical, physical, biological and other related aspects. That is why we would not limit the target group for this volume with the people mentioned above.  

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Seabed Fluid Flow - The Impact on Geology, Biology and the Marine Environment

   As the name of the book implies, it involves the flow of the fluid, i.e. liquids and gases, through the seabed, describing the processes and features of such flow and demonstrating the vital importance of the flow to natural environments and human activities. The authors target it to all professionals and research scientists working in the field of marine environment protection. Among the topics discussed in the book there are origins and nature of flows, seabed fluid flow around the world, migration and the contexts of the seabed flow, seabed fluid flow, biology and mineral precipitation, various impacts of the fluid flow in the seabed on the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and implications for man. The initial intention of the authors of this volume, Martin Hovland and Alan Judd, was to describe the main features of the seabed fluid flow and associated processes, and also to demonstrate their significance to the human activities as well as to the natural environments. The target group for the publication would consist of the professionals and researchers with serious interest in the field of marine environment. The content reflects the exceptional job done by the authors explaining the processes taking place in the seabed in quite well-written and easy-to-follow way, that made the book so popular.

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Progress in Modern Hydrology - Past, Present and Future

   In their publication, the authors intended to review the latest developments in the field of hydrology through the experiences of the team of engineers and scientists; it addresses the study of extreme fluid flows, water resources, data handling, basin studies and instrumentation, terrestrial hydrological processes and modelling, water quality, eco-hydrology and climate change, hydrological data acquisition and exploitation, future prospects etc. There are some images provided at the last part of the publication to supplement the text. The hydrology itself is considered truly vital to the whole civilization and to the natural ecological system; however, it became a separate science during last fifty years or so. The publication is mainly intended to provide interested readers, both the specialists and enthusiasts, with the comprehensive technical review of the recent developments of the contemporary hydrology via the experience gained by the multi-disciplinary team of recognized professionals, including the engineers and scientists, who have actually been there at the very forefront of many of advances. We think it is needless to underline the value of the information collected and presented by the authors of this volume.

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Modern Water Resources Engineering

   This title is deservedly considered to be among the best ones in the famous Environmental Engineering series - the present volume is providing reader with all necessary information related to the hydrology itself, open-channel hydraulics, river ecology and restoration, transport of sediment, river morphology/engineering; GIS and remote sensing applications, plus making the decisions under uncertainty condition - a brand new paradigm for planning/management of water resources, upland erosion modeling, some of the very recent technical advances achieved in the field of water resources systems engineering, potential impact of climate changes on water resources, wetlands for waste water treatment and also re-use of water. In addition, the Glossary has been provided, explaining the terminology used. The publication will definitely be considered practical and informative by the specialists with the need for ground-breaking and truly innovative technological advances in the subject fields. The volume has been specifically worked out by a panel of recognized industry experts to serve as the supplemental textbook covering all important aspects of the water resource engineering. Lawrence and Chih Yang - the authors of the title - strongly hope its content of the volume will be useful for all people involved.​

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Hurricane-Generated Seas

   Hurricanes are deservedly considered to be among the most serious aspects of the ocean environment, and we do know that the can potentially cause significantly disastrous events for marine systems. This work presented by the expert in the field, should be treated as a very informative and valuable source of reference for all persons directly involved in the naval, ocean and even coastal engineering field. The author clarified the conditions of the hurricane generated seas required for the design and also proper operation of relevant marine systems and provided the necessary and data relating to the protection of both onshore and near-shore structures plus the environment during the hurricane landing. The book by Michel Ochi covers all important aspects of the subject; it has been specifically designed by the author to serve as a reference tool for the students, technical managers, scientists, researchers and designers in various areas of ocean, coastal and naval engineering. The publication presents the technical information covering the hurricane-generated seas in different conditions and areas, including deep ocean and finite water depth of the shelf. The theoretical information has been supplemented with the practical wave data collected during the relevant researches conducted by NOAA by means of the buoys and aircrafts.

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Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology

   This Handbook provides a remarkably complete and truly consistent technical overview of the methods, products and applications in marine biotechnology. We know that the large portion of the earth surface, more than seventy percent, is covered by water, and more than eighty percent of all organisms living on our planet are found there, in aquatic eco-systems. We may thus say that the aquatic ecosystems constitute a very rich natural reservoir for the various chemical/biochemical materials and processes. This handbook has been edited by a world recognized expert and was prepared owing to more than sixty invaluable contributions provided by the world leading international scientists - this made the book a major desk reference tool for all people with the interest or working activity in marine biotechnology, bioprocessing or any other relevant fields, including professionals, scientists and students of all levels. Se-Kwon Kim, the editor of the handbook, has divided the content into ten chapters, each of them is organized very consistently and, as a result, the publication can provide a sound intro to the marine biotechnology, starting from the historical overview and basics, over the technical descriptions of the established methods and technologies, and to the applications of these methods and technologies. Note that it is also perfect when used as a reference book. The key topics of the handbook include marine flora/fauna, genomics and microbiology, tools and methods, biofuels and bioenergy, bioproducts and so many more...

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Review Procedures for Water Resources Project Planning

   The Corps of Engineers of the United States Army can deservedly take pride in the invaluable contributions throughout the American history to the proper developments of the infrastructure of the waterways, together with the navigation and environment restoration, reduction of the flood damage and protection and development of the water resources. And many projects were made possible owing to the dedication and creativity of outstanding engineers, builders and scientists. The Corps has always performed the review of the processes relating to the evaluation of the project planning, often focusing mainly on their technical aspects. However, in the past decades the consideration of such important factors as the economic evaluations, impacts on the environment, political pressure and others, have significantly increased, resulting in the rising criticism and even the concern that the Corps' studies lead to the recommendations and conclusions not adequately supported by the analyses and scientific assumptions used. The present document has been arranged in seven chapters. The first chapter defines the purpose and scope of the report, and the second chapter provides some historical background of the planning studies; the other chapters of the book provide the considerations and principles of the review, alternative approaches, administrative group and recommendations, supplemented with numerous appendices with additional information.

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Marine Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation

   Despite of the implications of relevant decisions made on PSSA by the IMO, subject concept has not yet received too much of academic interest. That is why the present book by Dr. Julian Roberts bringing the serious value to this issue very timely. The author is providing the industry with the introduction to the complete legal framework of the protection of the marine environment and regulation of the shipping activities; in addition, he looked into the development of the whole PSSA concept and provides a very detailed examination of the applicable requirements. The author has also looked in detail at the way subject requirements are applied by the IMO Committees. In his work, he is developing a critique of the actual practical application of the requirements and is suggesting that the guidelines that have been developed, have sometimes been applied not logically with not enough procedural and scientific rigor. Moreover, in this work  the other regimes of protection of the marine environment have also been examined. He performs the analysis of the regional congestion areas and provides readers with the ammunition for the completely new strategic approaches in the area. The recommendations provided by the author are very practical and thoughtful.

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Radio Wave Propagation in the Marine Boundary Layer

   The present classic and quite rare volume is fully addressing the parabolic approximation to a problem of wave diffraction over a sea surface. While the established method of parabolic equation in propagation of the radio waves over the earth surface was first introduced by V. Fok nearly half a century ago, it has been observed that the popularity of subject method has grown quite drastically because of the ongoing development of the new computational methods, and this is done on the basis of the parabolic approximation. This, in turn, resulted in the evolvement and further utilization of the several computational techniques applied to the analysis of propagation of the acoustic waves and radio waves in deterministic and random media. The publication is mainly concerned with the such important problem as the wave propagation over the sea surface in the atmospheric boundary layer and the analytical solution to this problem. The author has covered two basic math methods, depending mainly on the ease of getting the closed analytical solution. However, the publication has not been intended to provide a complete step-by-step background to those mathematical methods; it is rather dedicated to the analysis and application of the different physical mechanisms directly associated with the diffraction, scattering and refraction, and their combined effect...

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The Physical Oceanography of Sea Straits

   Suppose for a minute, what if you have been assigned the task to perform the mapping of the general circulation in some completely unfamiliar ocean. The ocean is sub-divided into several basins as well as marginal seas which, in turn, are connected with each others by means of the sea straits. Taking into consideration the possible budget limits for this task, you would most probably choose the sea straits as the starting points for the observation. To start with, the ocean currents that flow between the basins, over the wide paths that can also be time-varying, are commonly confined to the relatively stable and narrow routes within those straits. Such confinement could result in the profound dynamical consequences, one of them being the choking/hydraulic control; subject process is quite similar to a process by which a dams are regulating the flows from the reservoirs. Geometry of the funneling may lead to the significantly increased velocities and enhanced tidal modulation, which would in turn lead to the local instabilities, internal bores, plus jumps and mixing, and other events. Shortly, the straits shall be treated as the choke points being dynamically and observationally strategic and containing a broad range of physical processes, all of them being addressed wthin this book.

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Marine Pollution and Human Health

   Nowadays, we may observe a constantly growing concern about the state of the oceans. The significant and very rapid growth of population in coastal areas has eventually led to the increased dependence of the people on the existing marine resources. Some of the beneficial features relating to the life style and food supply require to be duly balanced against the hazards that are commonly presented by the chemical pollutants, various microbial pathogens and other sources. This book provides a good professional review of the several key aspects of the marine environment in its relation to the human health - the content of the book has been compiled on the basis of the very valuable contributions by a group of recognized experts from a wide range of backgrounds. In the initial overview, the need for the integration of a range of various relevant disciplines, including marine biology, epidemiology, physical oceanography and molecular biology is explained. The authors hope that such approach will play a good role in predicting the possible consequences of the changes to environment and exploitation of the existing resources upon the coastal eco-systems and, eventually, on the human health. The chapters of the book are providing the analysis in several specialized topics that will for sure be found very useful by the specialists in the field.  

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Photosynthesis in the Marine Environment

   The book provides readers with the remarkably comprehensive explanation of the processes of photosynthesis relating to the special environment where the marine plants live. It has been evaluated by the readers as a detailed, very professional and really up-to-date publication which is nicely written and is also very easy to follow regardless if it is used by students or professionals. In the first part of the publication the authors introduce the readers to the wide range of the existing and known photosynthesizing organisms among the sea habitats, including the algae, phytoplankton living in open sea waters, different marine angiosperms and others. The authors have also considered the evolutionary origins of the above stated marine organisms. Then, they have discussed some of the specific properties of the sea water for sustaining the primary production, and examined the two key differences between marine and terrestrial environments in supporting both plant growth and the process of photosynthesis. This part of the book is followed by the discussion about the needs of the plants for the enhancement of their inorganic supply of carbon, and the description of how the mechanisms concentrating such carbon dioxide function in various marine plants. The third part is dealing with the ways in which the process of photosynthesis can be treated as a proxy for the growth and productivity of marine plants.   

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Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Marine Faunal Communities

   This excellent volume is providing the informative insights into several important aspects of the marine faunal communities in the Indian region. Subject communities are considered extremely diversed, taking into account both climatic and geo-morphologic variations that can be observed along the coast of India. The publication consists of thirty chapters written based on the valuable contributions provided by the world recognized experts in the relevant fields. The editors have divided the main content of the book into two major parts, with the first half covering the tropical marine faunal communities, and the second part addressing the problems of the ecology and conservation. The first part is mainly intended to provide readers with the highlight of the distribution and biological diversity of Foraminifera, echinoderms, oysters, fishes and crabs, horseshoe and Polychaets, various sponges commonly associated with the sea grass, various fish parasites and other representatives of marine fauna. In turn, the second half of the publication includes the current status and relevant environmental parameters of benthos, together with the coral reefs, snowflake coral invasion, conservation and management of the biological diversity in the region, protected areas, methods of recovery of the bleached corals etc. The editors hope that the volume will be of some use for marine scientists and environmental managers, as well as to the policy makers.

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Coastal Pollution - Effects on Living Resources and Humans

   Here is the very latest release of the publication dedicated to the coastal pollution and providing readers with an excellent revision of the materials that were contained there in the first edition, together with the remarkably lucid expansion of its content. The current publication is still preserving the most important technical aspects of the coastal pollution and continues to enlighten the vignettes that have been already recorded there in the original release of the volume. The main content of this title has been arranged in three separate sections, recounting several horrow real life stories based on the consequences following the coastal pollution events, surveying the potential effects the coastal pollution may have or resource species, for example on marine mammals as well as fish and shellfish; moreover, various serious effects of the coastal pollution on human beings has also been dealt with in the book. The publication closes with the chapter containing the conclusions and offering several professional predictions for both near and distant future. The author's primary intention was actually to go far beyond the discussion in any single area, therefore he applied all his professional experience as a sort of lens providing reader with better and perfectly documented technical understanding of the impact that human has on the marine environment.

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Reaction Engineering for Pollution Prevention

   This valuable and informative plus interesting title presented today was prepared with the sole purpose to define the fundamental engineering principles relating to environmental reaction, for example design of the reactor, being applicable to the developing of the relevant processes that provide any environmental benefit. Touching the matters of prevention of the pollution impacting the surrounding environment, the main accent was placed by Martin Abraham and Robert Hesketh - on newly presented technologies minimizing the production of various undesirable side products causing pollution; however, they have also considered the matters of application of the reaction engineering to the treatment of wastes commonly produced by other means. The opening section of this title mainly concentrates on the environment-friendly combustion, with the three articles addressing the existing methods of reduction of the NOx and PAH formation and it also covers several combustion products sensitive to the environment. The following section of the book includes a good collection of contributions involving the utilization of catalysts to support the reactions. Then, there section comes dedicated to the use of the fluid solvents. Remaining parts of the book contain numerous interesting documents, dealing with some novel reactor designs. 

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Air-Ice-Ocean Interaction

   The core part of this work has actually been developed based on the content of several interesting lectures and we would say it will be useful for students at all levels to serve as the set of supplementary appropriate materials related to geophysics of the sea ice together with the planetary boundary layers. The polar geo-regions are currently undergoing quite unprecedented and fast changes, being the reason why it is considered so important to properly understand the current exchanges of momentum and heat-and-salt at the interface of ice-ocean. The publication draws on the fundamental theoretical principles together with the results obtained during the extensively conducted observations to develop a concise yet thorough and informative description of the impacts that are caused by the stress, buoyancy plus rotation on the turbulence scales controlling the ocean-atmosphere exchanges in the iced ocean condition. The authors have used several  valuable and truly unique observation data sets to better illustrate numerous important aspects of the interactions between ocean and ice. Definitely interesting and useful publication for any persons interested in oceanography, climate changes, environment protection and other relevant areas, from enthusiasts and students to experts.

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Sand and Gravel Spits

   This volume prepared by three authors - Giovanni Randazzo, Andrew Cooper and Derek Jackson - is drawing together a series of specific studies related to the geomorphology and temporal evolution of the spits in all areas of the world. The publication offers its readers some of the truly unique insights into the examination of the subject landforms from the scientific viewpoint; the author also addressed how the people impact these landforms and provided a global perspective on the genesis and evolution of the spits. The spits are treated as the natural environments with their evolution being linked to the coast as well as the supply of the sediments, morphology of the near shore area, changes in the sea level and coastal dynamics. Note that the GMSL, standing for the global mean sea level, has already risen by ten to twenty centimeters over the past century. There were several scientific researches that indicated that the sea levels all around the world have been rising since the early 1990s, and the average rate was about 3.5 millimeters per year. And this trend, when linked to the ongoing process of global warming, will inevitable be causing significant major changes in the morphology of spits, representing a sort of signature of past changes in the environment and providing a natural landform indicator of the changes to climate.

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Observing Handbook No. 1 - Marine Surface Weather Observations

   The initial purpose of the authors of the present edition of the NWS Observing Handbook No. 1 was to provide the interested readers with the maximum amount of the useful information. We know that the weather does have the nearly magical hold on the mariners and any change in the weather is always noted with some sense of trepidation. That is why reporting weather is considered critically important for the safety of mariners and it also forms a part of the knowledge. The present book has four chapters - program description, ship's synoptic code and observing methods, transmitting the weather observation, the weatherwise marines. Apart from that, the Glossary is included describing the terminology used throughout the publication. The material is supplemented with three appendices addressing observing forms and supplies, conversion factors and equivalents, and interpretation of weather map symbols. The publication has been presented in the "field guide" format allowing for easy handling and use as quick reference tool. The authors who have compiled the document hoped that the material included in the volume would simplify the work of the readers in the field of weather observation. It is very easy to locate the info you are looking for in this book.

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The Baltic Sea Basin   The present volume compiled by Jan Harff, Peer Hoth and Svante Bjorck, contains the results of a Special Symposium which was held some years ago and dedicated to the Baltic Sea basin with the purpose to foster the due understanding of it looking from the point of structure and genesis as well as processes and utilization issues. The publication contains the comprehensive overview about the basin of the Baltic Sea, worked out by the scientists in the different relevant disciplines. The volume will be useful not only to the students of all levels but also to the engineers as well as to the people involved in making decisions in the industry and politics. The authors have summarized the results obtained in the course of the investigations of the Baltic Sea basin and touched the utilization of the resources, thus enhancing the process of the development of new strategies for monitoring and design of technical devices, including various methods of satellite observation, establishing the research lab for international collaboration, etc. In fact, the material presented in this title will be of interest for representatives of many disciplines, including marine science, marine ecology and biology, oceanography, who are working in the geographical region in question and equally useful to the people working in other areas. It combines the original studies with the review, using the inter-disciplinary approach.  

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Marine Renewable Energy Technology and Environmental Interactions

   It has been already recognized that a serious need exists there for the suitable and secure long-term sustainable forms of energy. One of such forms of energy that could help people to achieve the sustainable energy future, will be the energy obtained from marine environment, for example from tidal currents, wind and waves etc. The human understanding of possible environmental impacts and of the suitable methods of mitigation that are associated with the extraction of the energy is constantly improving; therefore it is considered essential to properly distinguish between the anthropocentric and natural impacts and drivers. The fossil sources of fuel are obviously finite and the it will definitely require suitable sustainable alternative forms of energy. In addition to that, there are concerns about the our reliance on the burning of the existing fossils plus the release of the greenhouse gases that are caused by thr burning of the fossil fuels, and this all is for sure contributing to the changes in climate of the Earth that is taking place so rapidly. The total usage of the energy has already grown significantly and the demand for the energy is expected to grow along with the needs of the  growing human population. In short, it is the high time to concentrate on the renewable sources of energy and have a look into possible impacts on the environment...

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Lagrangian Analysis and Prediction of Coastal and Ocean Dynamics

   This volume has actually been motivated by the very recent surge in the availability and density of Lagrangian measurements as well as latest math and methodological developments in the field of analysis of the relevant data in order to improve the characteristics of the circulation models and many applications to dispersion of various biological species. One of the main intentions of the present publication was to conduct a proper and thorough review of Lagrangian observations, as well as  the applicable methods of assimilation and analysis in both biological and physical oceanography; it is also intended to present some of the brand new methods of subject analysis and assimilation of the data, plus applications of the stochastic models from the studies of biological dispersion. Some of the chapters of this book have been specifically prepared while others had been presented at various LAPCOD workshops. In fact, this work may be considered a very first of its kind due its core topic being the Lagrangian point of view applied to the studies of the transport phenomena in the oceanic flows. Anther interesting and valuable aspects of this volume is the multi-disciplinary nature plus the contributions provided by the theoreticians and experimentalists and other professionals from very diverse fields, from marine biology up to the mathematics.

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Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate System

   The process of provision of improvement in the reliability of long-range forecasts of severe weather and floods, droughts and other natural disasters, is critically important to the livelihood of the mankind, especially of millions of humans who can be potentially affected by such events. The proper understanding and correct prediction of the ISV, standing for the intra-seasonal variability, is considered crucial to the improvement of the associated forecasts and also the reliability of the projects related to the climate changes through the corresponding climate models. This second edition of the volume has been significantly updated, numerous original chapters have been re-written while some new chapters have been added covering the new developments in the field of the ISV research. In the introduction to the initial edition of this classic volume, the authors have written about their goal to provide readers with the reference text on ISV with the intention to fill the existing gap between the climate predictions and weather forecasts. And in the present second release of the book the authors, William Lau and Duane Waliser, seek to further this serious goal. Absolutely recommended publication for any professional in meteorology and actually anyone with the interest in this field.

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