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Biogeochemistry of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter

   Today, we know that there is an incresingly high interest in the DOM, standing for the dissolved organic matter, and the reason is mostly because DOM plays one of the critically important roles in both global and oceanic cycling of carbon, which directly impacts weather. The primary goal of professionals in the fields of oceanography and marine biogeochemistry over the past decades was to properly understand all underlying processes of occurring during the transformations of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and other major chemical elements in the ocean waters. The publication is arranged in sixteen chapters containing nearly two hundred informative figures and data tables, valuable reports on the major technological advances in the subject area, made by a group of experienced and world recognized pros in oceanography. Moreover, in it focusing on the major role that DOM plays in elemental cycling, and this is actually the area with a great informational demand. Denniss Hansell and Craig Carlson did a remarkably good job in covering, in a single volume, literally all important aspects of the biogeochemistry of marine DOM and also providing a truly comprehensive review and introducing all important key issues, that made the present title maybe the best and definitely most up-to-date of those available today.

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Encyclopedia of Marine Sciences

   The really multi-disciplinary nature of the marine science has been reflected in this volume. The book contains nearly two thousand of keywords listed in alphabetical orders and supplemented with the colorful and informative illustrations included with the intention to provide the students and teachers, as well as scientists with a time-saving and very helpful aid to be used in the course of studying the specific literature. It also provides all interested parties with the brief yet comprehensive technical explanations of the basic concepts, fundamental terminology and established methods and this all makes the book even more valuable to the readers than just a pure dictionary. It is relatively small but truly wonderful book and maybe the only one of its size, completely covering such a wide topic area. The content of the book reflects an excellent job done by the team of authors. Many terms in the book has been cross-referenced and such approach provides even better understanding of the terminology. In short, we guarantee that the present encyclopedia will be very useful to any person with the interest in marine science as they will get a thorough and proper understanding of the most important aspects of marine environment, such as the exploration and exploitation, management and other aspects.

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The Ecology of Seashores

   As it is clear from the title, the book is dedicated to the ecology of the sea shores. It has been specifically designed to be used by the students at graduate students as well as the students at upper-graduate level plus the professionals who are engaged in the management and research  related to the coastal zones. The content of the book has been arranged in seven parts; the first part provides readers with some introduction to the ecology of the sea shores, and it also sets the scene for the remaining chapters of the publication. The second chapter of the book is dealing with the zonation patterns and the basic causes, together with the key components of the marine fauna, special habitats and other relevant matters. The following chapter is covering the physicochemical environment and general biota. Then, there are two large sections of the volume dealing with the microbial ecology, detritus and nutrient cycles in the eco-systems in question. The remaining parts of the title address the existing ecological niches , maintenance/establishment of various zonation patterns, predation, disturbance and other factors determining the distribution and diversity, plus production of consumers, energy flow and flood webs, examples of the models of ecosystems, new network analysis techniques, comparison of the ecosystems etc.

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Condition and Health Indicators of the Exploited Marine Fishes

   This very informative and useful textbook is intended to outline and discuss the most important details of the fundamental principles and established methods that are considered central to any of the studies related to the fish condition. The publication will describe all potential capacities of the indicators in question, and provide numerous live examples illustrating the use of the subject condition indicators to solving various practical problems directly relating to the fish ecology and associated researches. The authors of the present volume, Josep Lloret, Malcolm Love and Georgiy Shulman, have focused on populations of the wild fish, and the book will duly complement the constantly increasing number of works that contribute to show how exactly the studies related to fish condition are important to reveal the underlying problems in the field of marine aquaculture, fish diseases, various effects caused by the marine pollution, and significance of fish in medicine as well as in human nutrition. The book also provides readers with a comprehensive info assisting the students as well as pros and researchers who are working in marine biology and other relevant fields. 

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Marine Ecology in a Changing World

   We are all aware of the fact that the world is changing quite rapidly and in past decades the technological progress in the fields of communication, robotics and others has been very impressive, and this all also improved our ability to explore the ocean and get the correct and reliable info about its ecology. This volume opens with a brief yet comprehensive overview of the basics of marine ecology, including the water quality, stability of the ecosystems, and biological diversity. The other chapters of the publication have been arranged as per the major bio-orders, starting from the primary producers to mammals, and up to the primary consumers, fisheries and sea weeds. The information contained in this book will definitely provide students, professionals, scientists and researchers with the excellent broad view and cutting-edge data relating to the marine life facing deviations from the fundamentals of the theory. The first chapter introduces readers to the general aspects of the oceanography, the second chapter is dealing with the coastal marine biological diversity, while the following chapters address the effects of ocean-climate changes, summarize both observed and potential responses to the populations of the zooplankton to the changes in climate, describe the berthing organisms, history of marine mammals, basic concepts of the ecology of the seaweeds etc.

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Numerical Modelling of Marine Hydrodynamics - Applications to Dynamic Physical Processes

   This book has been prepared by Hans-Gerhard Ramming aiming to cover all applications of the numerical modeling to various dynamic processes, as it is stated in the title. The information included by the author into this volume will definitely be found useful by all persons involved in various fields of marine science, oceanography and hydroengineering. The publication has been divided in eight major chapters. The first chapter is mainly dedicated to the general differential equations of hydrodynamics - the system of such equations is formed by four of them, three of them are corresponding to the velocity and one to the pressure... Three chapters that follow are describing the steady motion, covering both numerical methods and providing some oceanographical examples, as well as ones for unsteady motion. The numerical treatment of tides has been addressed in the separate chapter, together with the various models of tidal rivers and shallow coastal waters. The author has also paid particular attention to the application of the transport equations and periodic motion. The list of relevant figures is there at the end of the book. As it can be seen, the publication covers literally all important topics and can therefore be recommended to all people involved in marine hydrodynamics.

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Chemical Oceanography and the Marine Carbon Cycle

   The book provides readers with a good insight into the fundamental processes that regulate the marine carbon cycle. The content of the volume is offering a required background in chemical oceanography; in addition to that, it provides readers with the clear description of the way chemical elements contained in  sea water and sediments are actually used as tracers of various processes occurring in the oceans - and these processes are biological, geological, physical and chemical. The chapters of the book are covering the basics of thermodynamics, carbonate chemistry, they provide the explanation of the influence of life on the chemistry of the ocean and how exactly it evolved in the past. There are some topics in the book that contain essential information for understanding the idea of the carbon cycle, including such important aspects as exchange of gas within the air-sea system, organic geo-chemistry, reaction kinetics, diffusion, and so many of other relevant matters. The title will be really ideal to serve as a textbook for all students in geo-chemistry, oceanography, marine science, environmental science and any other fields. It will also be useful for the professionals and scientists in the field and actually to any persons involved in the relevant researches. 

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Descriptive physical oceanography
   The current release of the work by Lynne Talley was published to provide some introduction to this subject for graduate/undergraduate-level students. The emphasis has been made by the author one the large scale oceanography, mainly in observations; the content of this volume also includes several topics brought from wave oceanography and also coastal oceanography. The list of topics covered within this title includes seawater properties, salt and heat budgets, applied instruments, various methods of data analysis, introductory dynamics, variability of the climate as applied to each ocean and global ocean in general, plus brief general introductions to the coastal oceanography, waves and physical setting. The body of the document has been expanded to include the descriptions of the ocean basin and to emphasize the dynamical context, several completely new chapters have been added dealing with the ocean dynamics and circulation. Moreover, this revised edition of the title contains additional supplemental changes and numerous useful practical exercises included to analyze a global ocean data by means of the Java Ocean Atlas. Definitely recommended title for all professionals/enthusiasts of marine science and oceanography.

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Wave Mechanics for Ocean Engineering
   Today, we so glad to offer you a very useful and interesting monograph, the author of which is dealing with quite broad range of various subjects that all directly related to the basics mechanics of the sea waves. Paolo Coccotti, the author of this volume, has highlighted the results obtained during the recent theoretical researches of random waves generated by the wind. The fresh-look approach to the established and proven theoretical concepts was applied by the author. The publication provides readers with numerous worked real-life examples for the design of various coastal and offshore marine structures. Another subject addressed within this publication is quasi-deterministic mechanics together with the loads commonly exerted by the 3D wave groups on offshore structures. This work would be primarily aimed to the graduate students and also professionals, scientists and researchers in the field of ocean engineering, However, the manner in which the content has been presented and arranged within this volume, has made it suitable even for the undergraduates. Some of the relatively complex theoretical concepts have been clearly explained plus duly supplemented with several informative live examples and case studies for easier and proper understanding. The title is covering statistical/deterministic topics relating to the mechanics of the waves...

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Submarine Mass Movements and their Consequences
   Thienice and interesting publication offered here, was compiled by an excellent team made of truly recognized industry experts working in the field of marine science and has actually been dedicated to the submarine mass movements considered critically important part of the turbidity. The opening section of the volume explains the basic nature of the submarine mass movements including the triggers and also mechanics, plus major geo-technical properties - among the issues that have been covered within present section there are advanced dynamic testing of the soil, self-organizing maps, submarine slope failure, mass wasting dynamics, micaceous sand, drag forces acting on the suspended pipelines and lines laid on the sea floor, subaqueous deposits, control of the slope destabilization, shear rupture propagation etc. The second section is mainly focusing on the analysis of the several real-life case studies plus the assessment of hazards involved - it covers such topics as the mass-transport deposit, submarine mass transport, sediment redistribution and mass wasting in particular geographic areas, risk analysis conducted for the submarine mudslides induced by hurricane-wave effect, gas-generated pore pressure, slope instability, morphodynamic instability and numerous specific topics that would otherwise be very difficult to find in any other publication.

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Breaking and Dissipation of Ocean Surface Waves

   The ocean waves generated by the wind are considered one of the most prominent features of the ocean surface. We know that the ocean covers a huge part of our planet, and the ocean waves cover all oceans. In fact, the wind-generated ocean surface wind is maybe the only object in the science of oceanography which does not require any general introduction. The present publication prepared by Alexander Babanin, is outlining the current situation in the research related to the wave breaking and is also presenting the most important outstanding problems of today. The influence of the effects of non-breaking dissipation on the atmospheric boundary level have also been covered in the book, together with the extreme weather conditions and upper-ocean mixing. As a result, we can consider this book to be a very valuable source of information aimed at any person with the interest in the topic, including engineers and forecasters, modelers and researchers, scientists and students in the fields of ocean engineering, oceanography and meteorology. Among the topics covered within this book there are detection of wave breaking and its measurements, probability and severity of the wave-breaking, energy dissipation, analytical theories, and so many other important topics.

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Marine Ecological Geography - Theory and Experience

   This interesting and rare monograph has been written by the recognized professional and experienced oceanologist; it was released with the sole intention to provide the today's industry with the correct results of the developments, as well as practical solutions worked out by the author in the course of formulating the major principles of ecological geography of the sea. The first chapter of this monograph states the key methodological principles of visualization of ecological data for the dissemination between the users; this would result in the development of the geo-and-eco model of the sea basin. The second chapter of the document considers both ecological and geographic sides of math modeling f the marine eco-systems, together with the key features and capabilities of some relevant models. The other six chapters of the monograph have been dedicated to the history of formation of the hydrological structure, summer suffocation causes, potential impact the sea fish farms, self-purification from the pollution caused by oil spills, consequence of the various economic activities, etc. The theoretical part of the book has been supplemented with numerous very informative examples illustrating it. The closing chapter of the monograph sheds some light on the major world problems associated with the exploitation of the marine resources.

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Modelling of Marine Systems

   The main content of this useful and interesting title dedicated to the modeling of marine systems has actually been emerged from the proceedings of one of the international conferences on this subject, arranged by the science committee of NATO within the formal framework of their efforts in promoting the progress of marine science by means of the international cooperation. The decision to compile and release this book was made straight after subject conference had completed. The ultimate intention of this volume is not actually the reproduction of the informal volume of the conference, but rather the development and further introduction of the valuable and useful guidelines to the theoretical and experimental work, i.e. the professional survey, via the specially commissioned documents, of the present situation in modeling of these systems. The documents contributing to the subject survey, are in fact based on the relevant publications. The final aim of the book is to duly assemble the different elements of a very first manual on modeling the marine systems. The book is arranged in two halves, first focusing on the technical concepts and applicable techniques of the modeling, and the second dealing with the state-of-the art of marine systems modeling, covering all technical aspects involved.

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The Open Sea - The World of Plankton

   The book opens with the introductory chapter providing some general information, followed by the chapters that have been dedicated to the movement of the sea water and plants forming the plankton. Then there are several chapters dealing with the seasons at sea, various animals of the plankton etc. Separate chapters have been included addressing the vertical migration, marine life in the sea depths, photophores, fisheries and other aspects. Numerous plates are there at the end of the title, including both black-and-white and color, accompanied by the comprehensive glossary of terms that have been used throughout the document. The author, A. Hardy, has expressed his wish to draw the careful attention of the readers of this volume, especially of non-professionals and non-scientists, to the glossary, because of the simple, concise and easily understandable explanations of the specific terminology that the author had to use. Talking about the zoologists, the author would like to emphasize that the book will be very useful due to the amount of the information that is very difficult to find in other publications. That is the reason why this volume is so popular among the people involved in the field of marine science and we recommend it to everyone.

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Biology of European Sea Bass

   The present interesting, useful and practical publication which is hereby offered to you is presenting the high-quality professional up-to-date reviews topics that are directly relating to the matters of the biology of the seabass; all subject information was compiled by one of the world-recognized and truly leading experts having a truly extensive brilliant knowledge of the seabass. The present volume will be covering the issues of ecology/biology of the different sea basses and recent findings in the field of physiology, biology together with the behavior of this species. The main content of this document has been arranged in two major section. The first section addresses the general ecology and biology, dealing with these important aspects as bio-clock and dualism, and distribution of Dicentrarchus labrax. The second half of the title has been mostly dedicated to the behavior, pathology, and physiology matters, and covers the melatonin rhythms, foraging behavior, pathology itself, responses to stressors, regulation of the food intake, dietary/nutrition selection, neuroanatomical approach, larval culture plus other associated topics. What we would for sure say is that this book is highly recommended to all persons with serious interest in the marine biology, because of the amount and quality of the information contained.​

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An Introduction to the Chemistry of the Sea

   The offered release of the world popular book by Michael Pilson dedicated to the marine chemistry, has been seriously expanded to be fully updated with all recent developments and is now providing readers with the easily accessible introductory information that is directly related to the chemistry of the sea. The author of the volume has highlighted the geochemical interactions that exist there between ocean, land, climate and atmosphere, enabling readers to duly appreciate the link between different systems and processes, elucidating the variations in the chemical environment of the ocean, ranging from deep to surface waters. The content of the volume has been presented in a very clear and engaging manner, providing all students in marine chemistry/oceanography with the basic tools commonly required for better understanding of the ocean chemistry. The appendices that supplement the main body of the book are presenting some additional info on the properties of the sea water, key constants and equations used during the calculations related to the oceanographic processes. The popular problems have been addressed there at the end-chapters plus summaries allowing the easier review of the material; in addition to the above, there is a very good glossary of terms that are used and list of supporting internet resources.

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Sea-Level Science

   The correct understanding of the basic processes occurring at the sea-level, is really a key to the effective planning of the coastal defense arrangements. Such process would commonly include storm surges and ocean tides, rises plus all other processes that are usually caused by the climate changes. The content of the present work mainly bases on the valuable technical materials contained there in the recognized scientific publications and researches dedicated to this subject, that were significantly expanded and incorporating all important technological advances in the relevant areas, for example the tsunami science, satellite altimetry, and analysis of the extreme sea-levels. The duet of authors of the work, Philip Woodworth and David Pugh, have made an attempt to compile a discussion of how the measurement and survey techniques complement others in the course of providing the reliable forecasts of the forthcoming changes. This book may be treated as one of maybe the most exciting and authoritative volumes considered quite essential for the students, scientists and researchers in various fields; these fields would include marine engineering and marine biology/geology, climatology plus oceanography, as well as any other relevant disciplines. This interesting volume will also be of great use to persons who are involved in making key decisions plus coastal engineers.

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Introduction to Marine Biology
   The book is primarily intended for the students at the undergraduate level, who are studying various disciplines and actually anyone willing to learn a bit more about the marine environment. The publication will allow readers to get immerse in a world of marine biology and quickly get enough technical knowledge. When working on the publication, the authors have applied the ecological approach that made the text of the volume very practical, providing distinct and comprehensive coverage of all topics, and supplemented with numerous photographs as well as artwork clearly illustrating the very key aspects. The combined efforts of the authors have resulted in the volume making the process of study easier. The book is featuring a good and comprehensive glossary of terms, together with the questions at the end of each chapter, pronunciations, as well as a list of web resources and relevant articles. We would say that this is one of the best available titles aimed at the students. The pictures are well-placed and very easy to understand. The text provides readers with valuable professional surveys over all important aspects of marine ecology on all levels, for example evolutionary/ecological levels. You will get the required general introduction on every topic.

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Marine and industrial biofouling
   The biofouling is considered a very costly problem which is faced in a really wide range of various technical systems, from the maritime industry to power industry, purification of the water, paints, and even microelectronics. The organisms that attach themselves to the outer surfaces and then accumulate on them, form the so-called biolfilms that might potentially result in the interferences, and this is actually a natural process. Normally, people in the industry apply a medical paradigm when trying to get rid of this problem, and such approach implies killing the biofilms. However, this will inevitably lead to the excessive use of the biocides; in addition, note that the success of such strategy would be quite limited. And, moreover, this could lead to serious damage to the equipment and even the environmental pollution. That is why simply killing the fooling organisms cannot be considered a good strategy. This volume will present the most successful strategies of prevention of the adhesion, mitigation of the extent and effects caused by the biofouling, detection and removal of the fouling layers. The authors have elaborated the holistic approaches and took into consideration such important aspects as limitation of nutrients, replacement of the biocides with other methods etc.

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Marine Science Experiments
   When you are looking at the ocean standing on the deck of a vessel, it is a truly immense world. Though the ocean serves as a home to billions of various species, significant part of the marine life is actually hidden from our view and access. That is why the sea is deservedly considered the most unexplored area of the world. The marine environment, in turn, is a very captivating place peaking the curiosity. New discoveries have been revealed in the course of the extensive scientific researches conducted recently, and now we are aware of even more secrets. Marine science is a very multi-disciplinary area incorporating physics and chemistry, biology and geology, plus the environmental science. Proper understanding the ocean's ecology is also critically important due to the currently ongoing changes to the global climate. The ultimate goal of the present volume was to provide the readers with twenty original scientific experiments conveying the very basic principles of biological/physical sciences that are relating to the ocean. Each of them may be considered a proven teaching activity broadening the understanding of the nature of marine science and associated scientific facts. The volume will definitely be appropriate for all classes and can be used by all students.

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Estuarine Indicators

   Significant serious efforts have already been applied by the environmental research community towards the proper evaluation and further development of the meaningful estuarine indicators, and the main reason for that is the today's inability to properly and objectively determine today's trends and status among the associated estuarine eco-systems. So, in order to reach this important goal, all involved scientists and researchers will face the real necessity to combine their efforts in a broader range of relevant disciplines. The present volume provides all interested readers with the key technical concepts and basic principles of the indicators, together with the general info on theory use and practical application in all associated management/research practices. Based on the numerous reviews provided by the readers, the book may serve as an excellent reference source when used by students, scientists and researchers working in any field with estuarines and associated eco-systems involved. The content of this book is accessible even to the novices not only to the professionals. The volume may be definitely treated as a comprehensive and really multi-disciplinary resource covering all most important topics, for example theoretical basics, methods and protocols, future directions and potentials, examples of effective/ineffective indicators etc.​

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The Aral Sea Environment

   This volume written by A. Kostianoy and A. Kosarev has been mainly dedicated to the environment of the Aral Sea. This work is presenting quite detailed description and systemized knowledge that have been accumulated to date and related to the marine chemistry as well as physical oceanography and marine biology of the sea in question, and with particular attention paid by the authors to the monitoring of the state and various parameters of the nature of the Aral Sea together with all its surroundings, by means of the satellite techniques. It belongs to the popular "environmental chemistry" series. The authors have also tried to highlight the key reasons for the environmental crisis that is currently progressing in the subject area, and all associated socio-economic problems. The material contained in the book bases on the valuable observation data obtained by the authors in the course of several shore and sea expeditions, on the data collected from the archives of state institutes, and from the relevant scientific literature, supplemented with the results of numerous international and Russian national researches and projects conducted during the past decades. This publication will be mainly addressed to the pro's of marine biology and chemistry, plus physical oceanography and other relevant fields.

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Chronobiology of Marine Organisms

   Today, the role of the chronobiology is in proper understanding of the time base of both marine animals and plants, along with their behavior, physiology and ecology, is being deservedly recognized and this recognition is constantly increasing. It shall be noted, however, that the major portion of all efforts that have been made by the scientists so far was focusing on the seasonal/daily rhythmicity that is commonly associated with the solar periodicity. In his publication the author, Ernest Naylor, who is the expert in his field, has made a brilliant attempt to describe how exactly the marine organisms ranging from the single cells and up to the vertebrates, and living in estuaries, as well as in the open-ocean and on the sea shores, evolved the bio-clockwork together with the mechanisms of synchronization controlling their rhythmic processes and also their navigational behavior. The author has also applied a hypo-testing and experimental approach and, as a result, this volume could be used by the any-level students of marine science, marine biology and ecology, oceanography, behavior of the animals and all other biological sciences; it will also be very useful when used as an into for researchers, such as the biologists, biochemists and physiologists, making their first steps in chronobiology.

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Essentials of oceanography

   One of the main aims of the author in writing this relatively compact textbook was mainly to produce a good and understandable text that would be enhancing the natural enthusiasm of the students for the ocean. It was actually students' request for a readable, engaging, and thorough text that initiated the project a long time ago. Through the nearly thirty years the author has been writing textbooks, and his enthusiasm for oceanic knowledge has increased, forcing his reviewers and editors to weed out an excessive number of exclamations. However, the enthusiasm does shine through... This clear and current book is considered one of the most popular and also deservedly recognized all around the world. This revision of the publication is including the updated info related to the problem of global warming, and the text of the book is supplemented with numerous informative illustrations. Increased emphasis has been made by the author on the inter-disciplinary idea of the marine science. The author is bringing the focus to the excitement to the quite complex nature of the world ocean; in addition, he also addresses the interaction of the ocean with other systems. Definitely, this is one of the most important and must-have titles on the bookshelf of literally any oceanography and marine science student, professional or enthusiast.

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Deep Marine Mineral Resources

   Today, existing risks of possible serious shortages for some critically important metals and serious uncertainty about the known/expected reserves of other metals, that are located on the land, are justifying the searches for the diversification of the sources of supply and to the investigation of their potential. The existing resources of minerals that are situated in the deep sea have already attracted rapt attention of the industry; note that the interest to the those resources is constantly increasing in line with the discoveries of different forms of ores. The study contained in this volume is mainly intended to take stock of the professional experience as well as the relevant technical knowledge, directly related to the mineralizations together with the associated metals and technologies available to explore and exploit them; moreover, the biological diversity and all possible impacts on the environment plus the partnerships vital for Europe and France, possessing the areas of mineral resources in the seafloors of three oceans, have been dealt with. The info selected for the inclusion into the volume will be equally useful and practical for all people involved in making key decisions in preparing and implementing the strategies, various development programs and relevant researches, and commercial utilizations for subject resources...

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