This book written by famous scientist and professional astronomer J. B. Zirker is dedicated to the ocean waves, including tsunamis, stormy ocean waves and ripples, and the book is aimed at any interested persons including surfers and ocean scientists. The book is very hard to put down. It presents a very fascinating reading for them and is considered a great one for the oceanography classes, especially at undergraduate level.

The author has provided an up-to-date and quite comprehensive account of the matters whose complexity is commonly very hardly appreciated by non-professionals in the field and non-scientists. The deep insights, comprehensive narratives and historic perspectives included to the publication do not contain any single equation and presence of graphics has been kept to a minimum, making the volume very reader-friendly and being the reason why the title has been recognized as a very remarkable achievement.

We would say that this book may already be used as a standard textbook for the ocean as well as weather forecasters, scientists, plus climate modelers and students. The author has applied a very fresh look to the ocean waves and also provided the theory with numerous illustrations to make the content more accessible for everyone.

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This "Marine Protected Areas: Tools for Sustaining Ocean Ecosystems" is a report produced by OSB (Ocean Studies Board) representing the culmination of a long, two-year examination of this approach to marine resource management.

This publication is aimed to be a sound basis for all future efforts to implement and design protected areas and marine reserves as it provides necessary recommendations about how to use the knowledge we possess and also a description of what we need to improve the effectiveness of it.

The authors of the volume have performed the comparison of the traditional approaches used in case of the marine resource management to augment the associated strategies with the protected area systems and are actually arguing that the proper implementation of the marine protected areas shall definitely be adaptive and incremental...

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The energy of ocean waves and of the renewable energy resources provides quite small but still significant proportion of the future energy needs without adding to global warming and also pollution of the environment. The present concise and very practical reference book prepared by John Brook describes several alternative methods of application, and also sheds the light on the technical concepts standing behind the conversion of the waves energy; the author has also investigated the wave power activities all around the world.

The volume presents the exploration of the potential of the energy that can be obtained from the ocean waves - historically, this source of energy is well known for its great destructive power and strength. However, as you will see from this book, this source of energy can and shall be converted into useful work. Of course, some of the methods of conversion are still under development but there is some significant progress and subject systems will most probably be introduced soon.

The issue is that the cost of energy obtained using these methods, remains relatively high; however, they are expected to come down quite considerably, bearing in mind that the experience is growing. It is anticipated that this type of energy eventually replace or at least supplement significant portion of conventionally generated energy...

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Subject work has been released to address all existing contemporary problems of the White Sea together with its basin, and the main focus has been made on the interaction between the marine and social-economic environments. Different technologies are commonly applied to the investigation of the global and regional changes, remote sensing plus various field observations, and methods of numerical modelling plus GIS, standing for the "Geographic Information Systems".

The present volume presents a first attempt of application of the multi-disciplinary quantitative approach to the assessment of various changes that are occurring today as well as of the anticipated changes. The results of numerous relevant researches have been included in this volume. When trying to achieve all goals declared by the authors of this volume, the decision was made to co-author it by a huge team of recognized industry experts.

The main content of this book has been arranged in ten major thematic chapters addressing the geography of the area in question, its watershed hydrology, anthropogenic impact, climate and oceanographic regime, profile of the aquatic eco-system, satellite oceanography, economical issues, GIS, water quality assessment, and numerical simulations.

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This excellent title has been released to present a good overview of the knowledge relating specifically to the Red Sea, and covering everything from the geological formation of this sea and oceanographic development, straight to the influences on the environment and ecology. The team of authors of the volume have gathered the valuable contributions from the world popular and respected researchers interested in the geophysics, oceanography, geology and environment of the region; in the meantime the publication provides readers with the comprehensive and thoroughly updated data.

The book will be very interesting to all researchers involved in the study of the Red Sea together with its surroundings, and to the professionals dealing with managing and planning of the sea, its resources and environment. The Red Sea is considered a truly unique area. The book starts with the introductory chapter providing some general information on the Red Sea, its structure, origin and environment. Then some historical background is given, depicting the geological evolution of the region. Numerous chapters of this book address lineaments in gravity data, seismicity, seismo-tectonic setting, salt flows and volcanic eruptions, sea-level changes, hydrothermal activity, heat balance, impacts of climate change, corals, and so many other valuable information.

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This publication was worked out by Patrick Prouzet in collaboration with Andre Monaco, with the ultimate intention to provide readers with a systemized professional view of the existing wide diversity of the impacts as well as pressures that are commonly produced by the changes in climate and by the actions by humans. The erosion of the biological diversity caused by changing of the chemistry of the ocean, ongoing intensification of the global changes are raising the serious problem of the adaptation of various living resources to the new used conditions.

The land uses are inducing the eco-imbalances that, in turn, lead to the asphyxiation of the true coastal ecological systems. There is a constant necessity for the marine environments and associated food webs to assimilate more than one billion tons of the solid wastes. In addition to that, the discharges of various radioactive materials that are emitting to the atmosphere or water, is also raising the serious question of their future. The book consists of five chapters addressing the continent-sea interface, tracers of the exchanges, eutrophication of the sea environment, marine pollution caused by the debris, and radioactivity having the anthropic origin. Some of the images are there at the end of the volume to supplement the text.

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The water-waves theory is considered a fascinating and interesting topic, including a really broad range of various natural phenomena, and covering the most important general aspects of the motion of waves, including the waves' behavior prediction in the presence of various obstacles.

However, even the simple problems sometimes appear to be quite difficult to be tacked mathematically unless you make some simplified assumption. The present interesting title has been mainly dedicated to the advanced mathematical work directly relating to the scattering of the water waves.

The main emphasis as been laid by the author on the computational and mathematical techniques that are commonly necessary in order to perform the mathematical study of these problems. The main content of this title is made up of nine chapters with the first chapter being pure introductory while the second one addresses the wave scattering that involves the rigid plates.

The following two parts cover the scattering by a rectangular trench utilizing the Galerkin technique, and scattering by a dock utilizing the Carleman equation. The fifth chapter touches several problems including the upper surface discontinuities. Remaining chapters of the work deal with the energy identities, scattering of the two-layer fluids and various wave scattering problems...

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And here is the excellent handbook specifically designed and released for the environmental managers and policy-makers who are working for the water authorities and will also be useful for the engineering companies directly involved in various water quality programs, especially ones in the developing countries. The book will also be found suitable when used as a textbook or main/supplementary training material for the associated WQM training courses.

The recent years showed the constantly increasing awareness of the water pollution and serious concern about it all around the planet. Numerous completely new approached have been introduced and developed in order to achieve the sustainable and reasonable exploitation of the various water resources. It goes without any saying that the duly worked out policy framework is a critically important element in water resource management. The opening chapter of this volume is intended to propose some of the general principles for the entire process of policy making and of the structure or relevant policy documentation.

The text is supplemented with several real life examples of the policy elements supporting the sustainable management of the resources. The other chapters concentrate on the strategy formulation and outline the major guiding principles for the control of the water pollution.

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